5 Things Men Overlook

Relationships are full of compromises—some of which you hash out together as a couple, and some that you make separately as personal compromises regarding your individual needs in the relationship. Let’s consider, for a moment, some personal compromises that men make regarding women that you’ll never hear them talking about, but which they do just the same.

1. Big Ego for Beauty

This may be the most stereotypical compromise a man makes for a woman. Men are incredibly visual creatures, and as such are likely to be susceptible to a beautiful woman, no matter what her flaws. Many beautiful people know that they are beautiful—a good many of those, unfortunately, have developed large egos in accordance with their appearance. You might think that a woman who believes she is superior because of her looks, or primps constantly, would put most men off. However, there are plenty of men that are so enamored with her appearance and how she looks on his arm that they overlook the negative behaviors and disagreeable disposition that accompanies an over-inflated feminine ego.

2. Domineering Personality for a Strong Woman

As a woman’s role in American society has changed over the past century, men have learned to respect, and even prefer in most cases, a strong independent woman who knows how to take care of herself and speaks her mind. Gone are most of the men who like a gentle, soft woman who need a big strong man to protect and take care of her. Today’s couple relationships are often described as equal partnerships, with the man and woman divvying up household chores, bills and responsibilities. Certain women have taken this strong/independent woman thing further, and need to be fully in charge at every possible moment. Telling her mate what he needs to do and when to do it gets old for any man, but he may be willing to tolerate some of this behavior if the tradeoff is having a strong woman beside him to share equally in all the responsibilities and struggles that traditionally fell upon male shoulders.

3. Bad Tempers for Great Sex

Temper tantrums and hot-headedness usually go hand-in-hand with a female afflicted with a short fuse, but it seems that many men are willing to overlook this if these women also channel that emotional heat into the bedroom. She may have a spiteful tongue that he’ll dislike during those unavoidable couple-arguments, but a “hot woman” in the bedroom is worth these tongue-lashings to many men.

4. Body Insecurities for Passion

It is a known fact that women are rarely perfectly happy with their bodies, and can be self-conscious and nit-picky. Body shyness and insecurities can easily transfer into the bedroom, where all the clothes come off for your mate to see and evaluate. Men are, in general, less picky about the little details of a woman’s less-than-perfect body (and less critical), and more interested in how responsive she is in bed. Enjoying the moment and all that your partner has to offer makes the best kind of lover; and if you can shuck those pesky insecurities for quality bedroom time, he’ll be less likely to mind your self-consciousness (and may even find it quirky) at other times.

5. Intrusiveness for Emotional Support

In general, it is believed that women are more in touch with their feelings, and therefore feel freer to speak of them, as well as delve into their mate’s feelings. As men tend to find it more difficult to admit to emotional weaknesses and needs, it often falls to the women to ask questions, pry, cajole- whatever it takes to get him talking. Intrusiveness, at first glance, does not seem a positive trait, but your man may be a tough emotional nut to crack, and through sensitive and targeted questioning, you can persuade him to open up when he really needs the release. While he may find this tactic initially annoying, he will appreciate your emotional support in getting him to express himself, and any words of comfort and wisdom you can offer will be received in the spirit that they are given.

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4 thoughts on “5 Things Men Overlook

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I agree with the majority of this article except for # 5……..if a woman throws a barrage of personal questions too soon at a man, most likely he will either run, or turn very evasive with his answers. IF that man is interested in you, he will generally open up to you at a pace he finds comforting. So, my advice is, be happy and present in the moment…..don’t rush him or the ” getting to know you ” process.

    I also agree with Tray about the caveman theory……basically, that’s what I hear from my clients, of both gender, about what they are really, basically, searching for.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. silverfaery333

    I have found most of this to be true. I normally am considered one of the guys and it is truly amazing what a guy will overlook just to get laid. Though most find that the best relationships are based on actual trust and mutual understanding.

    I have a temper and am known to have a short fuse, but over the years it has mellowed out, and yet most guys aren’t bothered by that fact…most enjoy it. Makes you wonder sometimes.

  3. tray

    After all the gender comparisons, all the trends and trendy thinking, all the insights, surveys, and intensive analyses, all the attitudes and platitudes, and all the mores (mor-ays) and forays, most of the time it still comes down to the Caveman Theory: women prefer men who are good protectors and providers, and men prefer good nesters.

  4. gc70

    I am a modern man. I was also a boy of the late seventies who had a strong woman for a mom and who I love and admire very much for her intelligence, will, and “gentle, soft” Heart. I appreciate people in all their respected realms of individuality but I feel some of these themes discussed apply only to emotionally dysfunctional men. For instance, I like and respect a woman who can be who she is but at the same time celebrate her femininity in all respects and a man is still a man whether we are living in the twenty first century or not. I also feel an intelligent and emotionally strong man is not afraid to show some weakness or frailties. If he does not, then he is with the wrong woman. Anger is also normal in human nature sometimes but it is no substitute for normal human interaction inducing balance in a relationship based in love and harmony and not only sex.


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