4 Breakup Warning Signs

The cynics among us would say that it is inevitable—that all good things must come to an end, including romantic relationships. However, it would be nice to have some warning of the catastrophe before it descends upon us. Maybe then we could avert disaster, or at the very least prepare ourselves for optimally surviving the break up and moving on to a more serendipitous relationship. By sharpening our intuitive skills, we can teach ourselves to spot the telltale signs of a relationship going bad. The sooner we can distinguish these, the faster we can move on to Mr. Right.

1. Distancing

When there is a noticeable drop in the amount of quality time you two spend together, you need to examine the cause. Is your partner distancing themselves from you either physically or emotionally? If all of the sudden he doesn’t have as much time for you because he has made other plans which don’t include you, he’s telling you that he’d rather spend time with someone else. If one or both of you find yourselves consistently in different rooms of the house, doing different things instead of spending time together, this reveals a lack of connection between the two of you.

Physical communication, like cuddling and sex, are an integral and important part of a relationship; if neither of you are making the time to snuggle or get hot and heavy in the bedroom, you will continue to grow apart and probably end up looking for this attention elsewhere. Partners can also distance themselves from each other emotionally, by keeping conversations short and shallow, avoiding eye contact and simply acting less interested in their mates and the connection their relationship is built on. If both of you begin to invest less time and emotion in the relationship, it will not last.

2. Arguments

Disagreements are a part of every relationship, and to a certain degree can be healthy for a couple. When two different people share so much of their time and lives, there are bound to be things that they don’t agree upon. Hashing out these problems in a disagreement allows both of you to get your feelings out so that you can come to some conclusion or compromise.

Arguments within a relationship that is in trouble can go both ways. If both people stop arguing completely, this can be a sign of your lack of emotional investment in the partnership. It’s easy to avoid quarrels if neither of you maintains a personal investment in one another. In this sense, arguments can be good, as they show the other person that their partner does care and is willing to fight about whatever the issue is in order to reach a compromise.

On the other hand, if you both start quarreling constantly about the littlest of things, this can be a bad sign. Constant arguments just add up to “I’m not happy in this relationship anymore.” Nitpicking with your mate sets the stage for constant bickering, giving either of you the opportunity to say something to the effect of “the relationship just isn’t working anymore.”

3. Comparison Shopping?

When your honey starts comparing you to other women or other relationships, you need to stop and evaluate. Comparing someone to another is equivalent to saying “I don’t like you as you are, and I wish you would change.” This degrades you and your relationship, and may be a sign that he is either not over a previous woman, or has already turned his eyes to “greener” pastures. Either way, your partner has decided on a set of essentials that you don’t measure up to. This is the signal to get out before he undermines your self-esteem, allowing you to find a guy who appreciates you above all others.

4. Living for the Moment

Most couples invest their time and energy into a relationship in the hopes that it will turn into something permanent and valuable. While you should appreciate each moment with your partner, you should always have an eye towards the future. You can do this by making plans with your loved one for future trips and quality time together. If one or both of you has stopped doing this, committing only to whatever you may plan for the moment, you may want to re-evaluate the relationship. If you two cannot comfortably speak of future plans as a couple, if you cannot feel excitement about your future together, you will not put in the effort to get there.

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14 thoughts on “4 Breakup Warning Signs

  1. wonderwoman

    Until I met Miss Krystal, in the past I would have said run…run…run…as soon as you see these signs as fast as you can!!! Miss Krystal has helped me in such tough emotional times to hang in there while being on the end of #1 and #3. It’s like walking a tightrope wondering what will happen. It’s a very painful place to be unless you detach yourself somewhat or better yet talk to Miss Krystal. I always thought the Virgo in me was very analytical and rational until matters of the heart bring you to your knees. A phone call to Miss Krystal always puts it ALL back into perspective.

  2. Adepitan Mayowa

    @GINA ROSE u’ve said it all. but i tink in d impatient aspect of sm lady is cos dy feel age is counting on dm and dy dnt want to miss wat dy av at hand(man) for anoda prs for any reason dts y dy pressured dr man to mariage. as for #3 my man do compare my positive ability with oda girls he has meet, but d way i compare him with oda guys, his ability is very low for my liken. so wat do i we do about dt cos i realy need a man with high IQ dn me. infact i shld say i pratice those steps in relationship cos i want d best for myself. thanks for the article. ALINA MIKOS.

  3. misskrystal

    As I have observed, it appears that a lot of people want to cut and run, when if they just waited, it could be really good!!! Not all but a lot, I do see this…Time and time, again….

  4. misskrystal

    Kudos, Gina Rose. And I support my clients who wish to wait….If I see the opp is later in the future..
    Miss Krystal

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I have been a professional psychic for over 4 decades and have read on & witnessed many men exhibit signs #1 & # 3 and # 4 and still step up to the plate to make a commitment.
    It’s been my experience that well over 70% , at some time…..do commit.
    ( My testimonials are evidence to that).

    Men process their emotions differently and usually much slower than women……that is where a psychic comes in…..to answer the question : Will this person EVER, finally commit or should I move on????

    People are very, very different……many women ( and men ) tell me they are willing to wait…..others do not wish to wait.

    I do not judge my clients or tell them how to run their lives by an generalized article or an how-to book…..I tell them what my Guides see as an outcome…. a FINAL outcome…..I leave the rest up to them.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    But…..Alina…..you are still in the very top 3 of my favorite article writers……so please keep the articles coming…….you write very thought provoking articles. ( big smile)

    ….my comment was based upon years of what I’ve witnessed giving readings out in the field.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  7. misskrystal

    There is a lot of truth to this…However, if you see these signs, especially the distancing, please call me ASAP as I have had a lot of success helping people dodge this- sometimes it is only a little phase.
    The key is not to react-And I can help you with that…This is something I spent decades on-

    Gina Rose is right, a lot of women end up making a big boo boo with pressure.
    If you feel the need to pressure your mate, please call me or, your favorite psychic here to stop nonsense from happening…And it can destroy a relationship.

    Great article. Thanks.
    Miss Krystal

  8. Mamatella Santana

    Oh my!!! i really wanted to save the relationship everytime i stop and pause for a while thingking about whats happening between us.When i read this article i was so sad for being one of those who experienced that 4 signs..actuallyi want to save the marriage for the sake of our kids..i still want to love him but he is really the one who gave me that warning…i really dont know what to do next..how i wish he approach me one day and say lets be together..forever.huh!!

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  10. ivyx5198

    Thank you for your article. I believe it is very hard to understand why someone has changed their behavor. Sometimes what we may think is happening may not be. But I do believe a pyschic reading is always the best way to go when you have questions.

    Namaste, Ivy oxox

  11. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Somebody once, a few years back, asked me the break down percentage wise with # 1 & # 3……..and the Psychiatrists, Psychologists and relationship Therapists I read for have asked me my ” take ” and feedback on this too……
    I’d say that only in 20 % to 30 % is #’s 1 & 3 a red flag warning sign…….
    ….but I’ve seen 70 % or more go thru # 1 & # 3 and get married or enter into a long term commitment.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  12. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I have to disagree with # 1,3, & 4……..

    ….as in #1….in the 45 years of experience reading on relationships, I’ve witnessed many, mostly men, step back and distance themselves from a relationship to objectively analyze it, before stepping back into it.
    In fact, over 80% of men do this at some point in the relationship…..men tell me they want to be sure of their feelings, and even things such as financial stability, before they plow ahead and move forward towards a long term commitment.

    As for #3…..many, many men will at some point ask themselves :
    ” how do I really know if I’m in love ” (?), or ” how do I know if this is the right woman for me ” (?)…..they will do some comparison shopping to determine if, or how much, they miss the woman they think they really love. ( More men do this than women know about or realize).

    I’ve had many guys tell me…..” I fell in love but wasn’t sure if it was THE love, so I dated 5,10,15 woman only to realize that none of them were HER, and so I realized that none could fill her shoes but HER ” .

    # 1 & 3 are generally what men do, but I’ve seen some women do it too…..the male mind processes emotions in a different way than most women…..

    I’ve seen many couples go thru #1 & # 3 only to eventually wind up at the alter taking their marriage vows….and in fact, I feel those pauses and questions are healthy, better to get the doubts out of the way BEFORE leaping into marriage.

    As for # 4…….many women fall into love quicker then men do …… that’s a fact, not assumption.
    AND #4 is where many gals ” drop the ball ” so to speak……

    Ladies, be patient,… and don’t pressure a man too soon into the courting into make marital plans or long term commitment plans or you will come off as being needy, clingy and insecure.
    Pressuring a man too soon into the relationship…..I gurantee!!!!!… is the quickest way to turn a man off, chase him off, or convince him you are NOT the gal he could be, and live with, with 24/7.

    The courting process is beneficial for BOTH of you……so be patient and enjoy it…..be present in the moment with your partner…..

    Just some things I’ve noticed in 45 years of reading as a professional psychic…..many couples will go thru # 1 & #3 and still end up at the alter……

    This is where your psychic can help you….is it time to be patient ? or is it time to cut the cord and move on ?…..if in doubt, time to call your psychic .

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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