10 Things You Should Never Say to a Cougar

Boys, boys, boys.  If you are going to waltz into a cougar’s den, you really should be equipped with protective gear (and I’m talking more than what first comes to mind)… I’m talking about knowing what and what not to say to your mature, sophisticated feline before you jump start that initial conversation. A fabulous book by author (and cougar) Ilona Paris titled Hot Cougar Sex, is full of fun and delicious facts (and steamy stories) on why sex with younger men is, well, delicious.

So, if you’re going to go boldly where many men have already gone and where many might want to go (but are too shy) then beware of the prohibited questions and statements that should never be uttered if you want any chance of seeing your cougar again.

1. Are those real?

2. I wasn’t born then.

3. Is your hair naturally that color?

4. Your skirt is too short.

5. Am I your first?

6. What was it like in the 70’s?

7. Did you march with the hippies to stop Vietnam?

8. I think my mom was born that year.

9. You don’t know what Facebook is?

10. What was it like when Carter was President?

Please feel free to add any that come to mind or ones you’ve experienced, did not go over very well!

37 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Never Say to a Cougar

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  3. Trish

    I recently spent some time with a very sweet, and albeit, intuned younger man. We ate alot of home cooked meals and drank some very good wine, but my partner had not lived his life yet and we parted. I hope that one day we connect again because we did on so many levels and the boudoir was definitely one place we understood each other, completely.
    He did know all the right things to say and said that our age difference was just a number, so to all of you cougars out there, there is someone who will tell you what you need to hear, love you for everything you are and appreciate you for what you do for him and he will show you how to love again. Just hold faith he will come along when you absolutely least expect it and sweep you off of your feet, and leave you breathless. More than once. <3

  4. christiane eisele

    When I was 41, I got involved with a 28 year old architect/musician.He loved the fact I was 13 years older than he was,and we had a great cerebral and sensual connection.I am a film buff so one day I said that I had this geat movie “miss Sadie Thompson” with Rita Hayworth and we should watch it.I just about died when he said “Who’s Rita Hayworth”?We did watch the movie,and I told my close friends about this little tidbit,but REALLY: “who’s Rita Haywort”???????

  5. Heather

    Oooh, this gives me hope. I’m 38, just divorced, and fed up with all the guys that ever come on to me that look like Bob Hoskins. Short, fat, no hair, 20 years older. So there are cute younger guys who might think I’m attractive? After 10 years of marriage, that’s a revelation. Thank you.

  6. Paula

    I have one more I do not want to hear. “I have always been attracted to older women.” Okay so keep it to your self. Can’t he just say he is attracted to me and leave out the adjectives?

  7. Ness Gray

    When I was 75, I celbated my BD, which I never do, by dinning with a 38 yr. old graduate attorney. We jumped into be,(the best sex for 4 hrs) -Don`t recomend it for us Vintage cougars. I prefer 55-58. I`m 76, & I still get emails from the younger ones, but this works for me. Men my age look tired disheveled, & fat…don`t take care of themselves, & want a woman that`s 20. I have gotten emails on line fro some nice men…who say I look 20 yrs. younger…-even took a test with REAL AGE TEST.com..says my real age is 62. (I`ll take it) My profile is comedic, & sincere, looking for a permanent thing. I am called interesting, fascinating.. & a looker. I say in my profile, on line, that I am fashion savy down to my colored, lacy lingerie…hey. -who says Vintage Cougars can`t be sexy??? I also say I want someone that can function in the junction!!!! Am goinh to date a wonderful looking considerate 56 yr old guy, this weel end. So there!

  8. Kim

    The most recent statement that really got me, “I was too busy to text you or call.” Really..He said that to single mom with 2 young kids…and I’m supposed to take him seriously…LOL Not. Don’t think so.

  9. Louise Foster

    Being an older woman dating a much younger man the one thing that irritates me the most is when he says comments that any one over 35 is OLD, I am going to be 44 this month and just the other day we had a conversation about the winners of the mega millions, and I stated they were young and the couple will have plenty of time and be better off taking the money in installments and he stated they should take the money in a lump sum because they were old and twenty six years of installments they would not live long enough to receive it. This really irked me because I am slightly older than the couple that won the money so he in turn called me old and I replied to him your just too young to realize that 40’s is not old it is just the beginning.

  10. Tina

    Don’t call me a “lady”, call me a “girl”. Don’t expect me to pay for your dinner. Don’t poke me dry, I’ve been through menapause and never, ever ask me how old I am!

  11. Kwaje

    I agree with point listed above. Normally diverts the conversation to anything pleasing when felt your hurt. I am pleased when said “age is just figures”

    MK SD

  12. Robin

    Hi Justine, These sure bring back memories. I’ve heard every one of then…unfortunately. And then they try to make you feel better by saying…”Wow, you really look good for your age”.

  13. Karen

    I’m a photographer and I once got asked “Did they have colour photographs when you started working?” NOT a good omen!! I’m only 45!!!!

  14. pixie

    Here is South Africa we ladies have to put up with being called “Tannie” which is Afrikaans for Aunty…

  15. Justine

    Virgo 2757 – great idea! Thank you … it is important to always look at both sides of things. Hopefully we can get that up soon… look for our Top 10 Cougar Additions tomorrow!

  16. Virgo2757

    These are great, I love them! It made me wonder, tho…what about the flip side? Should one of the
    gents on your staff write an article about things a cougar shouldn’t say to her companion? (Like not talking
    about how her 20-year-old daughter is doing in college? Or saying she doesn’t think Dane Cook is funny?)

    I just want to be prepared in case I ever get to be a cougar…. 😉

  17. Justine

    Just’s Cougar,

    Hilarious about being at a bar drinking when he was born! That’s great you’re having such a great “younger man” experience… enjoy!

  18. Just's Cougar

    HaHaHa! How about – Didn’t I graduate with your son/daughter? Fortunately for me, my boy has never asked any of those questions. He’s more interested in who I am now and where my life is going than anything in the past. But every once in a while I have weird thoughts like, Wow, I was at a bar drinking the day he was born!!!!

  19. Abigailx9570

    11. Mommie please spank me ….. ROFL……

    12. What were you like in your 20’s,30’s ???

    13. Get back to me

    14. I have to go I can’t stay my parents will wonder where I am ~#$^&*

  20. Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Justine,
    Love your article, my husband came up with one,

    So is that what they call crows feet?

    I know not cool…

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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