10 Romance-Inducing Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui could be your solution to strengthening your romantic relationship while focusing on your bedroom.

Build Your Bedroom Bonding

Do you desire to strengthen your romantic relationship? Have you tried toys, counseling, and other methods, but still aren’t seeing the results you want? Perhaps it’s not an issue within your relationship, but rather it may be a problem with your immediate environment. Feng Shui could be your solution!

I have studied Feng Shui for many years, and I’m particularly interested in how it affects my love life. The bedroom is the most important room in your home for developing your amorous connection, so listed below are the 10 best Feng Shui tips I have learned. Remember, you don’t have to implement all of these tips, but do try to use as many as possible for increased effectiveness.

1. Only hang art that represents pairs (nothing singular). An example would be two people, two ducks, two flowers, etc. This promotes coupling and togetherness.

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2. Your bed should be facing the doorway. This way you can see someone as soon as they walk in the room. This promotes security and comfort.

3. When you enter the bedroom, the far right corner should have the color pink (red and white also work). This could be a pink lampshade, a pink painting, or a pink nightstand. This is the “marriage/relationships/partnership” corner of the room, and pink, red and white symbolize this romantic union.

4. Do not store things below your bed. Your bed should have plenty of airflow underneath it. It is also wise not to have clutter in your bedroom. There’s higher qi/energy flow under and around the bed that way. An organized, spacious bedroom allows your relationship some needed room to breathe and flourish.

5. Do not have depictions of water in your bedroom. This includes fountains, aquariums, mirrors, vases with water, and pictures of oceans or lakes. Instead, have images of fire to symbolize passion in your relationship. Water puts out the passionate fires and sensual flames of romance.

6. The bedroom does not need mirrors, so cover them up. Remove any small mirrors and cover up larger mirrors with curtains, shawls, bookcases, beads, etc. The reflection of you and your partner makes four, which is less intimate than two. Plus, waking up to seeing your tired reflection is not a soothing way to begin the day.

7. Make your bedroom a technology-free zone. Keep the television, radio, cell phone, and other electronics in the living room. Or cover them up with a doily, shawl or piece of lace when not in use. The bedroom is for you and your mate to grow closer and focus on each other, not strangers on a screen.

8. Whether you are single or not, your bedroom should accommodate two people. Have two nightstands, two lamps, and two closet spaces/sections. Prep the area for two people so that two people enjoy the space and feel welcome in there together. If you are single, this will inform the universe that there is space for a mate to be welcomed into your life. Need a little balance in your relationship? Call Psychic Sharmira ext. 5125!

9. No matter what Feng Shui dictates, do what feels best to you. For example, I store things under my bed; however, everything is organized in labeled plastic bins with spaces for qi to flow. Also, I do have some art that does not depict two things, but it does symbolize love, such as an image of a large, red heart. Feng Shui rules can be easily modified to meet your personal needs.

10. Use Feng Shui in combination with other advice. If you are not feeling passionate in the bedroom, call a psychic for some tips on how to make your bedroom more romantic. Psychics are also very in tune with your energy and needs.

As you can see, Feng Shui has many positives: it provides logical advice such as hanging pictures of twos to promote coupling; it is cheap to incorporate because many of the solutions involve simply moving things to other places to promote increased qi flow, and Feng Shui can be a fun and less invasive way of repairing and/or sizzling up your romantic bond in the bedroom.

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14 thoughts on “10 Romance-Inducing Feng Shui Tips

  1. Jal

    Denise I agree, pat sharp am sure your happy with it and your choices!! Fung shehhh!! Needs to go back to the the traditional fung shui!! See yeah in China my great great parents hometown!!

  2. Denise

    fungshai fungshaw! I believe if a individual is grounded spiritually, then that is the only thing you need, balance then follows forget all this crap of moving your bed here nor there. and as for covering your television??? please!!! great energy doesn’t come from moving furniture around, it comes from within. what you put into this universe is what you get back.

  3. Vicki

    Peach is the color of “stepping out.” This is also called “Peach Blossom Luck.” If you are single, then peach is a good color for finding someone. After you have found someone, please remove the peach colors from your home. Try purple, pinks, white in your bedroom, but not peach. To continue with peach is to invite heartbreak if you are serious about finding someone and only one with whom to share your life.

  4. Amanda

    Also, fire can represent firey arguments so water is not a bad idea in the room, I personally find the ocean scenes very peacful, tranquil & romantic. My husband is a water sign so water scenes are great for us!

  5. Amanda

    I like & agree with everything except the covering of the mirrors & not storing things under the bed. It can be kind of hot to see you & your partner in the mirror during sex also it’s really not four, because it is a reflection of you & your partner & that reflection is positive! Also you have to look in the mirror in the morning to get ready for the day! Our bed is tall & we have very little stored under the bed so there’s still room for “the flow” & it’s impreactical to not utilize all the storage space you can. Not wasting space is very crucial in today’s world since there are more people, more “stuff” & therefore less space.

  6. stephanie

    I know it depends on which school you are trained under, and I completely agree with everything in this article except this: 2. Your bed should be facing the doorway. This way you can see someone as soon as they walk in the room. This promotes security and comfort.
    MY UNDERSTANDING is that the bed should never be placed facing the door because then we are placed in the “funeral” position which is how people are carried out when they die, feet 1st! Thanks.

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  8. pat Sharp

    sigh…………guess I am condemned to singlehood……….my bedroom, ( biggest room in the house) doubles as painting studio…….with images of water all over the place! At least I have peach colored sheets!

  9. Susan Sackett ONeil

    This is all wet.. and inaccurate. I practice Feng Shui.Some of this is true but to say no aquariums would doom the resources right from under the loving couple.

    As always.. a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


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