What She Really Wants

There’s no mom around who doesn’t appreciate being appreciated — especially on Mother’s Day. After all, with all the work that they do it hardly seems fair that we take just one day to celebrate them! On that note, beyond the brunches and flowers and gardening tools (all of which she will absolutely love on her special day), here are three everyday Mothers Day gifts that will make your mom feel special anytime. And the best part? Not only are these things she really, really wants from you, but most of them don’t cost a thing.

Take some initiative
There are tons of little things that would make most moms’ lives a whole lot easier that few of them will ever ask for … Whether it’s doing the dishes after dinner, giving her a shoulder rub while she watches TV or simply telling her when you think she looks great, take the time to pay attention to the little things that go unsaid. When mom looks stressed, don’t just assume everything is fine because she says it is … You may not be able to fix whatever has her wound up, but you will definitely be able to take her mind off it or at least ease the pressure she’s feeling courtesy of being under appreciated or having too much on her plate.

Unplug and connect
Every mom loves a little “me” time, that’s why spa gifts like massages and manicures are so popular. But what moms also love — and don’t get enough of in these technologically tied up times — is designated “we” time to be with her family — unplugged… That means no texting, no cell phones, no emailing, no TV, but instead a nice meal (that she didn’t cook – and doesn’t have to clean up after), or a day in the sun spent catching up as a family. Taking time out to have some family bonding the old fashioned way will not only foster a feeling of connection between you, but will make mom feel rewarded for her efforts in helping making you who you are!

Help her create her future
Most of us are so caught up in knowing our moms as mothers, we forget that moms are people too! On that note, give her a gift that has nothing to do with her role as a parent, but rather that focuses on herself. A reading — astrological or psychic — can help her set some goals for herself and lay a path to achieving them. And nothing will make mom feel more important than self-empowerment … something for which she’ll be grateful (and remember) for years to come!

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