6 Acts of Kindness to Try This Holiday Season

Kindness Doesn’t Cost a Thing

The holidays are a time to gather with loved ones and eat copious amounts of food. But this season is also about reflecting on our lives and the state of the world to understand how we can make a positive impact on those around us. So before the year officially ends, challenge yourself to give back, even in small ways. Whether you’re spreading kindness to your friends and family, the strangers around you or people in far-off countries, you’ll do good and you’ll feel good about doing it. Here are my top six suggestions for acts of kindness.

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1. Be Present
These days, most of us are doing at least five things at once. One of the best gifts you can give another person is the gift of your undivided attention. The next time someone asks you a question or just wants to talk, stop what you’re doing and just listen. He or she will feel valued and heard.

2. Offer a Hand
If you pay close enough attention, you’ll see that many of the people around you need a little help, especially during this hectic season. From the older gentleman at the grocery store who could use assistance putting his bags in the car to the mom trying to push a double stroller through heavy doors in the rain, strangers could surely benefit from a gesture of kindness. Taking a moment to help someone in need is really what this season is all about.

3. Pick Up the Phone
Yes, texting is so much easier and less time-consuming when you’re wanting to wish your extended family members well over the holidays. But the impact of a phone call is so much more meaningful. This year, challenge yourself to do the kind thing and give your favorite aunt or second cousin the gift of your voice. Speaking together will mean so much more than a collection of well-intentioned emojis.

4. Make Something Special
Taking the time to make a gift (even just a card) would mean so much to someone you love. Knowing that you put effort (and crafting skills!) into a present makes the recipient feel special and gives you a feeling of generosity you can’t achieve when buying something.

5. Volunteer Your Time
Search local charity events in your city to find one (or more) that you can devote your time to. Maybe you can serve food to the homeless or wrap presents for disadvantaged children or sing in an amateur choir at a senior living facility. Whatever you choose to do, your kindness has the power to lift up another human being in a big way.

6. Give the Gift of Donations
Be kind by using your wallet. Rather than (or in addition to) exchanging traditional gifts, consider the possibility of donating to worthy causes. Research local, national or international organizations that you’d like to give to and use your holiday shopping budget to help make the world a better place.

One thought on “6 Acts of Kindness to Try This Holiday Season

  1. Vickie

    I was in the store the other day and noticed a very sad elderly man behind me i told the cashier that i wanted to pay for his groceries, it was just a small amount ,milk bananas and a couple of other things ,but you would have thought id gave him the world ,he said he really needed something like that because he had had a really bad day but i made his day a little bit better i felt so good making someone feel a little bit better ,when i got to the parking lot the gentleman helped me put my things in my car and took my cart to put it in cart corral and through tears thanked me again now im on a mission just to try and make a little difference in someones life everyday even if its as simple as,a smile or holding the door open for someone ,we never know if the kindness we show is maybe the only kindness they get that day so lets all be kind to one another and hopefully it will spread like wild fire ,so be kind to one another, and god bless


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