DreamCast: Watching a Funeral

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I dreamt I was watching my funeral. I was at the foot of the coffin at the gravesite and the priest was saying she died from sorrow and a broken heart. I am all alone now – my husband left me after two years of marriage. I will be going back to my country in a few months and I am hoping to get back with my ex-husband. What is my dream telling me?

Del in Boynton Beach (born: January 29, 1953)

Hello Del,

The dream is reflecting the death of your relationship – or the part of you that was connected to your husband. It could also mean the death of your hope of successfully getting back together with him. Before you attempt a reconciliation, make an effort to fill the void with other people who are close to you. Being an Aquarius means you connect at a deep level with your friends. You also have a genuine interest in all kinds of people. And with Venus (love) and Mars (passion) in compassionate, sensitive Pisces, volunteer work that helps the underprivileged would be a great way for you to contribute your skills and insights – and meet new people. This Pisces influence, however, also indicates a tendency to get stuck in the past.

You may also be stuck in the role of victim, with your ex being the “villain.” You need to rely on your Aquarius nature, which embraces change, to put you on a new path. And change has certainly been a part of your life recently. Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, has been bombarding your Pisces planets. This “death” came in the form of your divorce. The danger of such a strong Pluto influence is obsessing about the one who has left, instead of truly letting go. If you fill your emotional needs through family and friends who love you, it will help you heal. Then you’ll be able to see if you and your ex are meant to be together. Good luck on your new path!

Sweet dreams,

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