DreamCast: Missing Shoes

I had a dream about shoes. I found a shoe in the cellar and had to find the one that went with it. This was ongoing and they were familiar to me in the dream, but not in real life. They were sandals and boots.

Jackie in Rochester, New Hampshire

Hello Jackie,

Unless you have a fetish about shoes, it seems you’re trying to make a choice about your direction in life. Shoes often symbolize the way we walk our path. The fact that you were trying to find the mate of a shoe may mean you’re trying to find a mate in waking life. Are you looking for a good match? I’m sure you don’t want a mismatched pair of shoes, just like you wouldn’t want to become involved with someone who doesn’t match your values, interests and such. The cellar symbolizes your unconscious. It’s where you’re trying to sort out your issues about love (and other things). One question: How do you feel about sandals compared to boots? For me, boots are more substantial, and perhaps symbolize a stronger relationship, but they might mean something entirely different to you. Best of luck with your search!

Sweet dreams,

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