DreamCast: Bees

I’ve been having some marital problems and lately and I’ve been seeing bees in my dreams and in waking life. In my dreams they don’t make me nervous or anxious, but in real life they sure do. Last weekend my Native American name would have been Dances with Bumble Bees! Please help me figure out what the cosmos is trying to tell me. What is the mystic or dream meaning of bees? Is it a good or bad sign for my marriage?

Dances with Bees in Clarinda, Iowa

Dear Dances with Bees,


It’s intriguing that your encounters with bees aren’t confined to your dreams – they’re buzzing around you in waking life as well, which certainly indicates they have a message for you! Bugs can symbolize minor irritations that are “bugging” you. Are your marital problems a series of minor irritations that have become a full-blown beehive? Have you been stinging each other instead of constructively working through these issues? Also, bumble bees, which are a miracle of aerodynamics (scientists still can’t explan how they can actually fly!), can represent your ability to overcome problems that seem irreparable. Bees can also represent hard work. Perhaps if both of you stop stinging each other and instead work on healing your marriage, you’ll resolve more problems than you’d thought possible. Best of luck!


Sweet dreams,

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