DreamCast: The Little Boat

Many times as a little boy I had the following dream: I am sitting alone in a row boat in the middle of a small lake. I notice the sky getting dark, cloudy, smoky red – a bright yellow sun is almost overhead. There is some lightning in the distance, but no thunder. Numerous aircraft fly around the lake – the shore of and the surrounding hills and mountains are abuzz with armored tanks and trucks rolling, turning and pivoting their turrets. There are sounds of mechanized war machines.

Chaos is fomenting. It would be very scary, except I am a safe distance from all the commotion in my little boat in the middle of the lake. I am holding a fishing pole with the line in the water. I am trying not to look at the chaos, and focus on fishing. I feel some numbness in the roof of my mouth. There is a dripping sound, and I watch the fishing line carefully. I focus on small ripples in the water, forming with each dripping sound – circles expanding and fading on the surface of the lake, originating at the point where my fishing line enters the water.

Bryan in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hello Bryan,

This compelling dream has the luminescent quality of a vision and no doubt originated from your Higher Self. Two interpretations come to mind. First, this could very well be a past life memory of a time of war, which wreaked havoc on your surroundings. Or, the dream reflects the serene, centered place within you as a boy, which kept you from being overly influenced by outside events. The numbness in your mouth may symbolize your inability to express yourself then. The beautiful image of circles in the water expanding out from your fishing line reveals how your spiritual focus (fishing) – and other activities – can influence (ripples) the world around you in a positive way – if you don’t get distracted by the chaos of daily life. Hopefully, the dream will always remind you of the interconnectedness of all things.

Sweet dreams,

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