DreamCast: The Water Park

I dreamt I was in a huge water fun-park. I saw myself riding at high speed on a Jet Ski track, and at one point the track was underwater. I remember going through huge blue waters and then coming out at lightning speed with an enormous splash. I felt scared while going under and then instantly happy. The last thing I remember was going above the water level, still on the ride at high speed. Can you please tell me what all of this means? It’s the strangest dream I’ve had in a very long time. 

Sam in Abu Dhabi

Hello Sam,

Water dreams usually reflect your emotional life. Zipping in and out of the water may symbolize your need for emotional drama without taking the time for deeper connections to develop. You were scared while under the water and then happy when you resurfaced, which indicates some fear about getting deeply involved – you’re most comfortable when you’re above emotional entanglements. On the other hand, if you’re currently bogged down by emotional complications, the dream may be a source of inspiration to help you become more emotionally resilient. Whatever the case, it certainly was an exhilarating dream-ride!

Sweet dreams,

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