DreamCast: Unresolved Feelings

I have been having a recurring dream about my deceased mother/stepdad, father/stepmom. These dreams are intensely violent and disturbing. I am always angry about them trying to take my home away, leaving me or taking money from me. Also, I very often fly in my dreams. Not wing-flapping flying, I just think hard to elevate myself and have to stay focused on my destination and not look down, or I know I’ll fall and die. The dreams often occur with other family members in the background, as well as my ex-husband and in-laws. I know this haunts my sleep and I awaken very tired and frightened often.


Robin in Modesto (a Virgo)

Hello Robin,

The obvious question is, do the dreams reflect any unresolved feelings you have about your deceased relatives? Did your family continually let you down when they were alive? As for the flying, this may symbolize your attempts to rise above – or escape – the anger, which you’ll need to deal with at some point. Another way to look at the dream is that your parents and in-laws may represent your “inner” parent, the critical side of your personality that tells you what you should or shouldn’t do. You indicated you’re a Virgo, a sign that’s often critical and controlling. Perhaps if you lighten up on yourself for being less than perfect, the dreams will leave you in peace.

Sweet dreams,

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