DreamCast: Followed by White Owls

I had a dream about white owls, which were following me everywhere I went. At one point, this huge owl came out of the sky and just sat down next to me. It was like 4 feet tall. Also, ever since then, when someone gets really sick, like finding out they have cancer, I see white butterflies around me.


Kathy in North Tonawanda (DOB 6/18)


Hello Kathy,


In dreams and in waking life, owls are often messengers that bring wisdom from the spirit worlds. Because your owls were white, the symbol of purity and spirituality, they offered a message about your spiritual gifts. One gift you seem to have is the foretelling of illness in others. I think the 4-foot owl wanted to get your attention so you’d know the dream was important. Butterflies can also be messengers, especially about change. Or perhaps your butterflies are the angels surrounding the person who is ill. Most important, as a Gemini born on June 18, part of your destiny is to communicate your wisdom and knowledge. So focusing on your intuitive abilities and communication skills will help you walk your spiritual path.


Sweet dreams,


Cortney Litwin is the co-host of the Cosmic Sutra on KarmaSolRadio, an online talk show featuring astrology and dream interpretation.

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