DreamCast: Searching for Elaine

My girlfriend Elaine and I aren’t talking now, and I’m trying to patch things up between us. Recently I had this dream: I’m driving in a weird place, through a town that seems to be rundown by war. I’m searching for Elaine. I feel she is looking for me, too. I wake up depressed. What does this mean?

From Billy in Mamaroneck, New York

Hello Billy,

The war-torn town symbolizes, of course, your relationship with Elaine, which is weighing heavily on you. It’s interesting that the town feels weird. Perhaps it goes against your nature to be in such a battle-ridden relationship with her (or any woman). The search for Elaine symbolizes your desire to find her true self, and she is probably trying to uncover the real you as well. Relationship conflicts like control issues, jealously and infidelity stem from the ego, which isn’t your deepest self. A true heart connection won’t bring you a perfect relationship, but it will help you rise above ego-driven conflicts so you can support each other’s growth as individuals. Try to see beyond the conflicts to the heart of your girlfriend, while expressing your deepest feelings, especially the love you feel for her. Then you’ll have a better chance of resolving your differences and creating harmony together.

Sweet dreams,

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