DreamCast: Stop Swimming

I’m swimming in the ocean with some people. I’m amazed how easily I’m swimming
– I just jump in the water from the beach. I’m not even cold! I swim effortlessly – to a certain point. Then I realize it’s unsafe to go farther, so I’m treading water. The people I’m with keep going, but I stay put, somehow knowing that if I keep going I could be in trouble.

Renee in Mountain View, CA

Hello Renee,

Swimming easily through the water symbolizes how comfortable you are with your life right now. You’re not struggling to stay afloat, just going with the flow. Actually, you’re doing what everyone else is doing, and this could be okay for you, or you could be taking the easy way out by not creating your own path. Part of your destiny as a Leo is to take the lead and use your creativity. The issue of danger in the dream could mean that going along with everyone else isn’t right for you, that it’s time to take a different route. Perhaps you’re not taking enough of a risk in life and are in danger of getting behind where you need to be. Just remember, Leo also rules courage, so be courageous and use your creativity to forge your own path.

Sweet dreams,

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