DreamCast: Nicer Neighbors

In my waking life, there is a family that lives above me in a condo. They are Chinese and very noisy – loud chopping, piano playing and stomping so loud I’m surprised they haven’t fallen
through the ceiling into our unit. We talked to them, but they just go back to their old ways, and seem to care only about themselves.

They have stopped talking to us. I have been having a lot of dreams where the mom upstairs is really nice to me and comes over and gives me food. She offers to do things for me. These are harmonious dreams, but there is no harmony between us in waking hours. Do these dreams mean that there will be harmony between us in the future?

Kathy in San Jose

Hello Kathy,

Your dream certainly seems to indicate that by reaching out to the family upstairs, you’ll come to an understanding with them. You’ve attracted this annoying situation for a reason. My guess is there’s something you need to learn from this family, perhaps pertaining to their culture. What’s happening in your chart mirrors your dreams in an intriguing way. You’re a Capricorn with transiting Jupiter conjunct your Sun. This is a time of expansion for you. And since Jupiter rules foreigners, this new path may include exploring foreign cultures. What better place to start than with the Chinese family? I would suggest bringing a dish you’ve cooked over to them as a peace offering. Or offer to have the mom over for a visit. I have a feeling you’re about to make some new and interesting friends.

Sweet dreams,

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