DreamCast: The Estranged Daughter

My daughter and I have been estranged for 8 years. Recently I dreamt that my daughter was on the phone with my mother-in-law (her grandmother) and me. She asked about what happened at our upstate cabin. My daughter asked her grandmother if it was okay to talk to me.


Carol in Staten Island, New York

Hello Carol,

Your dream is an excellent example of how healing can be achieved through our dreams. I believe you were having an actual conversation with your daughter and mother-in-law in the night worlds, which came through as a dream. It seems your daughter, at some level of her psyche, wants to heal her relationship with you. Are you ready to heal the breach? You indicated in your email that you’re a Scorpio. I don’t know who caused the estrangement, but one of the greatest challenges of a Scorpio is forgiving others and letting go of the past. Perhaps if you reach out to your daughter with love, honesty and forgiveness, it will initiate a new chapter in your relationship. You might even start by telling her about your dream.

Best of luck!

Sweet dreams,

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