DreamCast: Water Dreams

I’m 62 years old Scorpio, and I’ve had recurring dreams about water all my life. In most of the dreams, I have been in the backseat of a car that various people were driving into the water. I wake up just as we hit the surface. In one of my water dreams I was on a cruise ship with my sister – and it was sinking!

I saw her go under, with her hair spread out on the water. These dreams have been going on since childhood. People at work used to tease me, saying I have “water issues.” In addition to those dreams, I have had to move out of three different apartments in the past five years – because of flooding! A main waterline broke in one, a bathtub leak in another one caused water to go down through the kitchen ceiling light fixture, and in the last place, a waterline broke in a vacant apartment next door to my own. Surely there is some significance here. Can you help me?

Callie in Bono, Arkansas

Hello Callie,

Water issues, indeed! First of all, you’re a Scorpio, which makes you a water sign. You’re deeply emotional, and since water symbolizes your emotional state, I’m not at all surprised that water serves as a messenger for you. The question is, are you dealing with difficult feelings – such as anger, sadness, uncertainty and the like – in a healthy way?

I think control may be an issue for you, because your being in the backseat suggests that other people have too much control over your life. Your sister appearing in distress suggests a family dynamic going on concerning how you express (or repress) feelings. And certainly, the fact that water is emerging out of your dreams and into your waking life is a wake-up call to do some serious inner work. Fortunately, no one digs deeper to get to the root of a problem than a Scorpio. You have the tools to improve your life through self-discovery – now use them!

Sweet dreams,

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