Colors in Dreams Part 1

At one time or another, mostly everyone recalls the color in their dreams. Whether it be the yellow of a favorite dress, or the purple in the car of their dreams.

Science reports that approximately 70% of the population dream in color. This statistic was proven after lab testing subjects that were awoken from the REM state. 13% of subjects reported some sort of color, but couldn’t absolutely identify the color. Under normal dream circumstances, only 25% to 29% of people recall the color in their dreams. Researchers feel that most people do not remember color in their dreams. Rather, they recall the most emotional charging part of a dream, rather than the color.

Science shows us that color affects our feelings in the wake state, and the same is true for the dreaming mind. There are of course, many points of view as to the meaning of each color we see in our dreams. Let’s explore a few.

One theory holds that the color in our dreams is an expression of our emotional state at the time of the dream. Another holds that the color in our dreams, just like the dream symbols itself, are very subjective and also very cultural.

Other people believe that those who dream in color are vibrating at a higher resonance than those who dream in black and white.

And finally, there is a belief that psychics in the past recognized the correlation between colors in the aura and corresponding feelings.

Next let’s look at the actual colors themselves.

7 thoughts on “Colors in Dreams Part 1

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  2. Ariel X9775

    Hi Gina Rose,
    Yes, I find that it’s true colors represent so much to us both consciously and unconsiously. As an artist/psychic, I fully recognize this. For instance, I cannot buy anything if the color vibration is not right for me. I luv purple, but resonate more fully with the pink/purple, rather than blue/purple. How about you?
    Much luv & lite,

  3. Ariel X9775

    Hi Corrine,
    Yes, color makes such a huge impression on us~~even if we aren’t totally aware of this.
    I think you’ll find the next installment very interesting.
    Much luv & lite~!

  4. Cubes

    Hi Ariel,
    Great artical!
    I don’t often remember colors in my dreams, but a couple of weeks a ago I remember dreaming of one specific color. I was looking at my reflection on a store front window and clearly saw myself wearing an orange dress. Everything else around me was black and white. Weird I thought. Looking forward to read what orange means.
    Cubes 😀

  5. Ariel X9775

    Thnx, Cubes, for your comments~!
    I won’t say another word except wait till you read the next installment~!
    Much luv & lite,

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Ariel,
    Yes, colors themselves can be symbolic OR can represent emotions……Psychiatrists rely on colors alot when they are interpreting dreams for patients.
    Great article Ariel…..waiting to read more !!!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500


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