Psychic Workout: Engineer Your Destiny

Suzanne writes:

I recently had a reading with you that left me feeling very empowered about finding a new job. Can you give me any psychic tips so I can recreate that same feeling of empowerment I experienced with you on the phone, as I continue job hunting?

Dear Suzanne,

During a psychic reading, the psychic is connecting with your true and higher self. At this time, when you may be too emotionally unclear to recognize other options available to you, the psychic is not confused by your emotions. That’s why they can cut to the core of the situation to steer you out of your chaos, and leave you with this incredible feeling of being empowered.

Unfortunately, this powerful energy may dwindle. So, it’s important that you understand that the confidence, or empowerment you felt during the reading, actually came from within you — the psychic was merely unveiling it for you. What’s exciting is that you can recreate the same energy and confidence that you experienced during your reading. My preferred psychic method is candle-burning. It can help you recapture and concentrate on this powerful feeling to sustain you throughout the difficult times.

1. Selecting a candle. There is no need to run out and buy a pricy designer candle. Any candle is sufficient for this exercise, be it a small votive candle, or larger glass-enclosed candle. What is important, is how you concentrate on the candle, and personalize it to you and your situation.

2. Preparing the candle. Allow yourself to visualize your desired outcome — not what you feel is possible or impossible — instead, focus on exactly what it is you want. Carve your name and desired job criteria into the wax of the candle using a pencil. For example, carve your name, rate of pay, location, name of employer, and the position you are seeking. For a glass encased candle, use a permanent marker, or decorate the candle with photographs creating a collage or vision board on it.

Some people enjoy a fragrant candle and choose to add essential oils. For this particular candle, peppermint is a suggested oil for prosperity. You can add a few drops to the surface of the wax, or anoint the wick. Personalizing the candle in this fashion establishes a psychic link between you and the candle itself, because you are charging the candle with your energy and vibrations, and projecting your desires for the universe to provide.

3. Manifesting your desires. Light your candle. Sit back and watch the glow of the flame as it rises. Now imagine yourself achieving your desired job, and begin to recreate the focus and certainty you experienced during the psychic reading you received. Recapture the same mental images and pictures that floated into your thoughts. Were there any key words or phrases that you received during the psychic reading that were significant and empowering? (This is why I often encourage note-taking during your reading). Remember and feel those empowering emotions, which surround the desired outcome. Dwell in this feeling, again and again, as this important process gives you the determination to succeed.

4. Holding onto the energy. After recreating the confidence and positive energy, you may extinguish the candle, however, the positive feeling and confidence will remain. Create time in your morning or evening routine to perform this exercise, and seek out ways of creating your employment reality on the physical plane.

You will see the results of this exercise in the form of synchronicities and events that are not just a coincidence. Pay attention to these synchronicities. They will reassure you and provide endurance as you transform your reality.



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