Psychic Asia: The Challenges of Starting Over

Psychic Asia: The Challenges of Starting Over

Preparing for the Starts and Stops

At California Psychics, we know how difficult starting over can be. Each of us will have to start over at one time or another—a new job after a layoff, a new love after a breakup, or perhaps even a new home in a new city. Life is full of starts and stops that often surprise us, and not always in a good way. If you’re starting over and feel like you could use some sage advice, look no further than these wise words from Psychic Asia.

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How does a person know when they need to start over?

In my experience, the need to start over is a feeling. Something within us wants change and that desire feels like a tugging in the gut. But in order to start over, you first need to learn to let go of your past. Essentially, you’re in a rut, so you need to let go of the things that have been keeping you there all this time. It could be a job, a relationship or even a city. If you have that gut feeling, chances are you need to start over.

When is the best time to start over?

The best time to start over is as soon as you’re ready, however, you need to be practical and flexible. Starting over takes work, so you need to be mentally ready before you can begin. Begin by taking care of everything that’s holding you back, including your past. Start small so you don’t get overwhelmed. Small steps lead to bigger steps.

Is it ever too late to start over?

No, it’s never too late to start over. I have callers of all different ages asking me this question and I tell them that anytime they feel unhappy, at any age, they can start over. The alternative is to just continue being unhappy, and that’s an unhealthy way to be, no matter how many years you have left on this plane.

Life is about change—seasons change and your body changes too. The things that made you happy when you were in your 20s won’t necessarily make you happy in your 60s and that’s okay. You just have to have the courage to change and start over. Just identify what it is that’s not making you happy. Focus on what you can change (not the things you don’t have control over). This is your journey.

What are the benefits of starting over?

It’s hard to find the positive side of the life you’ve just upturned, but starting over is actually a blessing. Turn the experience around and make it positive. Do you have to start over because someone broke up with you? Well, look at starting over as the chance to find your soulmate. Do you have to find a new job because you got laid off? Look at starting over as a chance to pursue a passion project or reinvent yourself in a new field. Keep the positive energy going. It’s time to move beyond the negative to get to the happiness you want.

What are some of your favorite rituals for starting over? How should we perform them?

I think manifesting is an amazing ritual. You can also build a vision board. Here’s a great article about manifestation tools. You could simply just think about where you want to be. That always works for me. You just need to be clear about what you want and work toward it with baby steps. Trust in the process and acknowledge what you get. Remember to keep your vibrations high, and clear away anything that resembles resistance and negativity too.

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