A Glimpse at The Future

There are times when a glimpse into the future is one of the most rewarding gifts we can give ourselves. A good reading can open our eyes to choices we may not have thought of when we believe we have run out of options.

It can also offer confidence that we are doing the right thing so that we can go ahead and pursue our plans with gusto. For many, it can be the first step in becoming more proactive about the future.

Marissa, (not her real name) was at a place in her life, where she just didn’t trust herself to make good decisions. On her first call to Barbie ext. 9295, she explained that she had always been practical and independent, but she was suddenly faced with several important and emotionally difficult choices. She had met a man on the job and had found herself involved in a long distance affair. The project she was working on professionally was rife with problems and the blame had been pinned on her. She had inherited the down payment for a house, but she was worried about making the investment with her job status seemingly up in the air.

“Help!” the caller asked, responding easily to Barbie’s big dose of southern comfort. “It’s hard for me not to keep a smile on my face, as we speak,” Marissa, who said she was calling from Tennessee admitted. “I first need to know, is there love for me in Wisconsin?”

Barbie focused on the question Clairvoyantly and on the Tarot deck she’s been using since 1995. “I see this man as genuinely interested in you. His marriage is over. His feelings for you are genuine. He will make time to be alone with you, when you are there on business,” the psychic said in answer to Marissa’s second question.

The caller explained that she had been flying in to Madison for several months now, to work on a consulting project and met Edward (not his real name). Though he had been divorced for some time, they were both still living in the same house for financial reasons. “He never calls me on weekends, he’s being considerate, because he’s living in their den until the house sells.”

“Give it a month or two and he’ll call you on the weekends,” Barbie replied. “I see him moving in with you in the future.”

“How? He’s a senior vice president, jobs like his are not easy to find. He’s never said anything about moving. If anything, I’d have to move, but life is wonderful here. It’s just a shame that I fell in love in Wisconsin.”

“I see it strongly. He’ll be with you,” Barbie repeated matter-of-factly, before their first call ended.

“Barbie, I’m becoming too emotional about everything… I need your help. The project I’ve been flying in to Madison for is falling apart. My colleague is blaming me… Besides possibly not being able to see Edward, my reputation could be at stake.”

As Barbie looked into the situation, she again saw Marissa in Tennessee with Edward. She also saw her speaking to her boss in confidence. “Your reputation will be fine, but your job might end, anyway.”

“I really want to buy a house, prices are down and I do have the money… but all of this unpredictability at work is scaring me.”

“I see you finding a single story house. The house will have an unusual color of paint on the outside,” said Barbie who got a clear picture of happiness with Marissa’s decision to buy that particular home. If anything happens with your job, you’d actually be better off than you would paying the high rent on your apartment. You’ll find a good job, maybe even something better.”


“I’m confident,” the psychic confirmed sweetly.

“Well, you were right, Edward did make time for me….” she said evaluating the information. “Okay then, I’m keeping my appointment with the real estate agent. Thanks.”

Months later, Marissa called Barbie, in tears. “I bought the house, but I was laid off. And now Edward’s company is in the process of closing its doors… I finally have this adorable place – it’s just as you described … it had bright purple trim and shutters.”

“I still see that you’ll have a better job within months.”

“And eventually, Edward will move in with me…” Marissa playfully finished Barbie’s prediction. “Oh, now I get it,” she paused. “I’ve never understood how Edward would move to Tennessee. Maybe when his offices close…” Marissa wondered out loud. “Barbie, I don’t know how you know what you know, but it sure helps,” she said before hanging up.

That was the last Barbie heard about Marissa and Edward for over a year, as the Clairvoyant took a leave from California Psychics.

One evening, after Barbie had returned to work, she heard Marissa’s familiar voice welcoming her back. “Oh Barbie… I got a great job!”

“And your boss is completely bald and highly respectful of your work.”

“Wow, you nailed that! And, the love of my life has decided to move here,” she added happily. When he came to visit he fell in love with Tennessee. He’s interviewing for jobs right now… Now, I’ve only got four minutes left on this call and I want to spend it thanking you. Everything, you said would happen, happened. I’m very, very grateful.”

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