Psychic Lucy: How to Recover From Your Financial Mistakes

Recover From Your Financial Mistakes

Financial Mistakes: You Have to Be Willing to Take Chances

When you read about successful millionaires and billionaires, do you think they have it so easy? Do you think they have a sixth business sense that makes them successful? Well, the truth is that they have tried and failed many times in their careers before they became successful and if you want to be successful too, you have to be willing to take some chances. Have you taken a financial chance that didn’t turn out well for you? Are you currently feeling the effects of financial mistakes?

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Look at the latest recession. It leveled people’s lives financially and although the country is recovering, some things will never be the same and it isn’t like it used to be. But that’s okay. Stop trying to live the life you used to lead before your financial mistakes! Just put one foot in front of the other and keep going forward. When it’s meant to be, you’ll get there.

In the meantime…


When prayer comes from your heart, it is heard. It’s not meant to be a wishlist sent to your higher power. Your financial mistakes won’t be automatically erased. Rather, it’s an affirmation that you have a lot to be thankful for that isn’t material.

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Life can hurt, especially when you have real problems. But having problems and getting through them is how we all learn. So give yourself just 24 hours for a pity party. Allow the pain you’re feeling to come out in your tears, anger and sadness. Then move on with your life.

Change Your Eating Habits

Resist the urge to binge on junk food that will only make you feel better for a few hours. Eat less and eat healthy. A healthy body and a healthy mind make better decisions, so find an eating plan that fits your lifestyle, your likes and health needs. Then stick to it. If you go off the rails one day, start fresh the next day.

Go for Long Walks and Breathe

Exercise is great for your mental, emotional and physical health. Take in the beauty of nature around you. Find a bench in a picturesque location and take 10 zen breaths. They’re deep, slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Be still.

Make a List of Your Accomplishments

Chances are your life is not filled with failure and financial mistakes. Make a list of what you’ve accomplished and what you consider the great successes of your life.

Admit Your Mistakes

Write your mistakes down and own them. Then forgive yourself for what you’ve done. You can’t learn from what you don’t acknowledge.

Take a Class

Your community offers free or low-cost financial education courses. Take advantage of them and attend as many as you can. You’ll learn how to use your money wisely, recover from setbacks and pay back your debts. You’ll also meet people in the same financial boat as you and that’ll bring you some comfort too!

We live in financially challenging times. If you’re wondering when you’ll be back in the black, you can call me and find out. I am here to guide you!

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11 thoughts on “Psychic Lucy: How to Recover From Your Financial Mistakes

  1. Psychic Lucy

    Thank you for your comments. I am always here for you and I welcome appointments, through customer service. In my remote viewing I noticed the theme of fear/and/or worry. I lit candles, the color of million dollar bills to inspire your own belief in having no more worries about money. See you on line, many blessings

  2. lsa

    Thankyou for this article. It is very relevant for me as I am in the midsts of a financial challenge. Your words are an encouragement to keep looking forward and to put all mistakes behind me.
    Kindest regards for your words of encouragement.

  3. Suzy

    How about the financial mistakes the Banks have made in our country. I never made any financial mistakes.
    It has distorted many retirees life that we so courageously worked through our losses of unemployments pulled ourselves up from to make a normal old age then bam all savings interest which was counted on was gone forever. That was never planned to happen. The meat of the savings is being chipped away every year never to be fixed by working again.
    I am a Capricorn, clever w handling monies and working towards stability to be totally let down by our banking system of crooks. They never went to jail either. That’s not OK.


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