Your LOVECAST®: Changes to Your Relationships

January 31 – February 6, 2011

The New Moon in Aquarius on Wednesday teams up with Mars to energize friendships and group gatherings this week. What’s more, Mercury entering Aquarius on Thursday (through February 20) favors discussions about what changes you need to make to improve your relationships. Venus entering Capricorn on Thursday (through February 28) can help you work through fears about sharing your heart. This weekend, the Venus-Jupiter square dares you to expand your vision of what love can be. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

Aries: You’re the center of attention in your social circle as the New Moon helps you connect with potential friends and energizes activities with your current friends. Romance can be found during group gatherings and activities that improve your community. A serene or spiritual ambiance inspires love on Saturday. Passion sizzles on Sunday afternoon through evening!

Taurus: The key to finding romance is getting out and being seen. Sharing your expertise or investigating a new activity will expand your love life. Romance might also come through a colleague. In any case, an unconventional approach in the bedroom will fire up passion. This weekend, friends bring joy and perhaps a romantic interlude, too!

Gemini: Because your inner vision is being awakened, getting in touch with the overall picture of what you want in a partner will help you manifest a new love. If you’re already paired, verbalizing these ideals to your sweetie will energize your relationship. Taking a class can bring/deepen love as well. Expressing your inner poet accelerates romance this weekend!

Cancer: A rational analysis of your past and present relationships will likely bring an unexpected insight, perhaps about something you need to heal or release. Additionally, an unusual person may capture your attention because of their unique style, personality or perspective. This weekend, expressing the depth of your feelings makes love take flight!

Leo: Partnership energy kicks into high gear because of the New Moon and Mars, which energizes activities with your sweetie or helps you attract a potential lover. Getting into an argument is likely as well; an objective approach to the issue will help restore harmony. A touch of fantasy in a subtly sexy setting sets passion ablaze this weekend!

Virgo: Romance and other opportunities can be found during an activity that helps others in need. A project connected to your work may also bring a romantic interlude. Wednesday will likely bring a surprise or an insight concerning love. A spontaneous or unusual date evokes delight this weekend, so think outside the box when it comes to romance!

Libra: After a slow start at the beginning of the week, romance escalates after Wednesday’s New Moon, which intensifies your charisma, playfulness and creativity in the boudoir. So plan something fun with your sweetie or be on the lookout for someone new. A health-related activity can bring romance on Saturday. Shared activities inspire love on Sunday.

Scorpio: Expressing your wit, insightfulness or brainpower brings/intensifies romance on Tuesday. Look for love while traveling, too. Hosting a party after the New Moon will show off your sense of style, which in turn may reveal an admirer. Romance soars on Friday and evokes something unexpected on Saturday. A little competitiveness heats up passion on Sunday!

Sagittarius: Expressing your feelings in a flirtatious or heartfelt message brings good results after the New Moon, which energizes your intellect. Also, promoting your ideas can bring a professional opportunity. Dining in at your abode will inspire romance on Friday or Saturday. Playfulness mixed with passion intensifies a lusty encounter on Sunday!

Capricorn: Seeing love from a fresh perspective brings/inspires romance after the New Moon. Your earning power will be energized, too, so keep your eyes open for a moneymaking opportunity. Venus in your sign from Thursday through February 28 heightens your ability to attract both friendship and romance. Verbalizing your feelings brings/inspires love this weekend!

Aquarius: The New Moon in your sign brings a fresh start in your personal life during the next few weeks, making it easier to manifest your dreams – if you’re clear about what you want. As such, keeping in mind your ideal partner will help bring someone special into your life. Sharing your creativity and compassion inspires love this weekend!

Pisces: Resolving past emotional issues so you can move forward in love (and other areas) is the focus of the New Moon this week. Meditation, therapy or just an insightful friend can help you release the past. A sudden breakthrough is likely on Wednesday. A twosome tryst is favored on Friday and Saturday. Your mystique is irresistible on Sunday!

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