Your Weekly Love Horoscope: Passion and Recklessness

Passion and Recklessness

Tempers Flare

The high energy leading up to the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday can heighten both passion and recklessness due to a merger with fiery Mars. Tempers will flare easily too. On the upside, Mercury turning direct in Taurus on Sunday gives you the green light to move forward with your plans, new activities and a new relationship if you’re in the market for one. Communications and financial decisions will flow easier too. Best days for socializing: Monday, Thursday and Friday. Here is your love horoscope!

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Aries Love Horoscope

Emotions will be chaotic on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thereafter, the Full Moon can intensify or unhinge romance as it sends your need for freedom over the top. Your impulsiveness will escalate too. You can channel this volatile influence into exploring something new with your sweetie. Folks looking for love may meet someone dynamic who is from another culture or who loves to travel.

Taurus Love Horoscope

A sexy tryst may be on the agenda around the time of the Full Moon, which is evoking your need for an intense encounter. Just be mindful that your expectations aren’t leading you into fantasyland, especially on Sunday. Also, this influence can trigger an emotion that needs healing. On the upside, a peaceful ambiance can inspire romance on Thursday.

Gemini Love Horoscope

The Full Moon is illuminating your partnership zone and can send you and your significant other on a wild ride together. Whether the relationship gets energized or unhinged depends on how well you’re relating to each other. Remaining flexible and retaining your objectivity will help keep the harmony, which may be in short supply during a misunderstanding on Sunday.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Your daring side may come out to play during the Full Moon, which is triggering some strong feelings you may have suppressed. Be on the lookout for emotional triggers on Tuesday and Wednesday, when you’ll be irritated easily. Your heightened allure on Thursday makes this a good time for an intimate date with your sweetie or to meet someone new.

Leo Love Horoscope

Passion will skyrocket as the Full Moon energizes your romance zone. A date with your sweetie will likely end in a sexy romp if you’re getting along, or a knock-down, drag-out fight if an emotional issue needs to be resolved. At any rate, it won’t be dull. If you’re looking for love, you may be drawn to someone who is highly physical, sexy or volatile.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Family interactions can get intense around the time of Full Moon, so try not to get pulled into a conflict. On the upside, throwing a lively party for your friends will fire up your self-expression. Just be mindful that small annoyances can escalate quickly. Thursday and Friday are good times for a date, but mixed messages can derail romance on Sunday.

Libra Love Horoscope

The Moon in your sign will make you irresistible on Monday, but you’ll get thrown off balance easily on Tuesday and Wednesday. Toward the weekend, the Full Moon can turn your words into arrows that hit their mark. Keeping in touch with your heart will ensure you don’t hurt someone’s feelings. Still, you may attract an admirer who appreciates your mental acuity.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Your mystique will make you irresistible on Thursday, although your heightened sensitivity may prompt you to take some time alone too. The Full Moon will evoke your desire for a purely physical encounter. It can also can trigger a fear about your financial situation and/or motivate you to find a way to increase your income. So, keep your eyes open for a moneymaking opportunity.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

The Full Moon in your sign is making you restless by fueling your inner explorer. Mundane tasks will bore you, as will most potential paramours unless they match your inner fire. Be mindful of making a rash decision to get together with someone new, especially on Sunday. If you’re paired, initiating an adventurous or unusual activity will send passion into orbit!

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Any emotions you’ve suppressed are likely to come rocketing up to the surface of your consciousness during the Full Moon. As such, this is a great time to purge whatever is hindering the expression of your heart. Just be mindful to take some quiet time to get centered if you’re feeling volatile. A past relationship will be in your thoughts too.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Socializing will be highly irritating or motivating around the time of the Full Moon. You may encounter someone who triggers your anger by pushing your buttons. On the other hand, a friend or group can inspire you to launch a project that’s close to your heart. You may also ignite sparks with someone you meet during a group gathering or community event.

Pisces Love Horoscope

The Full Moon is evoking your need to be in control and you’ll likely get angry if someone questions your authority. This can be true in both your work and personal life. A direct approach will attract someone who admirers your ability to take the lead. You’ll just need to be clear about your words and intentions this weekend to avoid a misstep.

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  1. Rosa Payton

    Pisces are Dreamers, we live 4 that fairytalehhappy-go-lucky ever after. We are not selfish, nor lack the want 4 that special someone u never yet found. People have a problem with my disability. So I decided to do project makeover for me and so far not a success. When you are disabled it seems like even the Stars can’t tell you what your outcome may be because they said no one wants to be with someone who walks with a crutch and is 38 years old and wants to save her sexual experience for the best friend that she wants to marry with the pretty smile and that makes her laugh. Maybe that is too picky. But I can tell you one thing I am not married yet and that is because I was not picky I chose guys who like to beat the hell out of me every day so being picky damn sure better be something everyone does.

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    I really do love this .I just wish I had money to really talk to you all and thank you for helping me out


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