Your Weekly Career Forecast for December 24 – 30, 2012

What Do You Want?

The week of December 24 through the 30th requires relentless focus and determination. At the same time, you must balance this with your partnerships with others. Since this is a holiday week in the US and other nations with a large Christian population, it is a perfect time to gain perspective on everything you want and need in life to feel satisfied and move forward powerfully on your career path. Are you feeling out of balance? Get a reading from Psychic Lillian ext. 5625 who can help you regain your center.


December 25 is a day of tender love and pleasure coupled with a tremendous sense of responsibility for Aries. On the Full Moon of December 28, you’ll be sensing that tug between wanting to spread love at home and the wish to transform the world. Invest your time and money in both, and you’ll boost your career.


You’ll hit the ground running on Wednesday, December 26 and Thursday the 27th with lots of drive and energy for your career efforts. The Full Moon on Friday, December 28 offers you an opportunity to give others a grounded feeling and safety amid change.


You’ll be feeling generous on Tuesday, December 25 to the point that you might overdo it a bit. Hold onto some of your offerings as a friend in need on Friday’s Full Moon might cause you to wish you hadn’t spent so much on loving gifts that might look a bit frivolous in hindsight.


Surprises in the workplace on Monday, December 24 will be delightful on one hand, but may be distracting from what you feel committed to do in your creative life or with children. The Full Moon on December 28 will be in your Sun sign, so you and a partner will be feeling it particularly powerfully.


You will have challenging career and workplace demands on Monday, December 24. Attention will shift to friends, creative efforts and pleasure on Tuesday, December 25 through Thursday morning the 27th. You’ll be in a good position to deal with the changes taking place on Friday, December 28.


If you celebrate Christmas on December 25, your mind might be drifting off to career concerns. Balance this with also being attentive to family and friends for a great day. The Full Moon on Friday, December 28 will be a creative boon. Don’t let communications and networking needs interfere with the process. Keep those ideas in a safe place for future use as you deal with immediate needs.


You’ll be inquisitive about spirituality on Tuesday, December 25. This may encourage you to travel or share your studies and your broad cultural knowledge on this day. Friday, December 28 is very important to your career and home life as you bring people with different perspectives together.


You will have a sense of responsibility and solid dream-building on Tuesday, December 25. Deep emotions will rise from your subconscious, distracting you from your work on December 26. Also, during the Full Moon on December 28, you will be pulled between emotional desires and handling communication and transportation needs. Take all that aroused energy and create a masterpiece.


You will be enthusiastically showering adoration on a partner on Tuesday, December 25. Be certain to also take care of your own needs and comfort. The Full Moon on Friday, December 28 calls your attention to finances again. A conservative approach coupled with creative inspiration could save the day.


You have amazing energy on Monday, December 24 to create new structures and organize people at work. Financial surprises at home will be handled on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 26. The Full Moon on Friday, December 28 pits your desire to transform the world against addressing the sudden emotional needs in partners. Listen and empathize for a satisfying result in both areas.


On Tuesday, December 25 friends or their children will provide a catalyst for insightful, creative ideas at work. Your drive and energy will be so strong from December 26 for several weeks that you will blaze a new direction. Be prepared for moodiness in the workplace on the Full Moon on Friday, December 28.


You really want to be at home with family on Tuesday, December 25, but the desires of clients or management may interfere with your day. Approach all of this with love and you’ll be fine. The Full Moon on Friday, December 28 will have you flowing with inspired, creative ideas. Find a way to manage this while being prepared for “real life” drama from friends that could require your help. Need some help dealing with the drama? Talk with Psychic Sara ext. 9111 who can help you see the way ahead.

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