Your Weekend Forecast for December 28 – 30, 2012

Out With the Old

How sweet the sorrow of saying goodbye, farewell and so long to yet another year. Get plenty of tissues. With the Cancer Full Moon swaying softly in the sky, our emotions will be pouring out all over the place! Then within a brilliant moment early Sunday morning, the Moon moves into Leo and we all feel happy and ready to bring in the new year with youthful abandon. Happy New Year!


Appointments are scheduled for haircuts and more and your date is as excited as you are to be sharing the holiday weekend with you. If you are married or in another type of romantic relationship, it takes on a feeling of newness. Enjoy the fresh, happy time ahead.


All your planning and plotting pay off. Not a thing was missed as you put the biggest party you have ever planned together. The success of the celebration will be a feather in your cap. Stay calm, because the weekend is a good time to get rest in light of all you will be doing Monday night.


This will be an emotional weekend for you. An awakening will take place that will bring you joy and fill all the holes in your heart with love. Taking an accounting of what was and making a plan for what is to be will help you to put your thoughts in order.


Confidence rings from every pore in your body. Your love life is on track, your money is in order, your career is moving forward and your family is happy with you—you have arrived. Bringing in the new year with a positive attitude took work throughout the year and it was well worth it. Celebrate this weekend.


Wishing Monday would come faster is not going to make it happen, so you may as well take it easy and have some fun over the weekend before the big night arrives and you find yourself overwhelmed with responsibility. You made a pledge to be the designated driver—it is a good thing.


Helping those in need throughout the year affords you the feeling of accomplishment and service. Enjoy the dinner that is in your honor—friends and family planned a special treat for you Saturday evening. Sunday you get to relax and bask in the wonderful energy of the end of the year.


It is a good time to consult with a dear friend or relative about the choices you have before you. There are many reasons to move forward yet you are comfortable in your present position and change is not one of your favorite things to do. With the support of loved ones, this weekend will reveal the direction you are going to take.


Never one for putting your emotions out in front, you find this weekend is a no holds barred time of your life. It is a pleasure to get out all the old emotions that have been gathering dust. Spill the beans—you have the reinforcement you need to clear out and the time to do it.


The flames inside your heart are dying down, Getting in touch with your deepest emotional issues propels you into the new year with a smile on your face and a clean pallet in which to paint a portrait of a new love.


This weekend you take great pride in your environment. It was a very long year of home improvements both inside and out. As the new year moves in, your confidence is elevated and the personal plans for an overhaul are now cleared for take off. Making that list of personal improvements will start you off on the right foot.


Feeling rebellious is in your nature. This weekend however, you really want to spread your wings and do something thrilling. A farewell to 2012 starting Friday night continues until Tuesday morning, making it a rock and roll weekend. Happy New Year, Aquarius!


Catching your breath before the party will give you the energy to stay awake passed the midnight hour and ring in 2013. With the love of your life by your side, it could not get any better. The weekend is for you to relax, say a prayer or two find your balance and keep life moving in a positive direction.

21 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for December 28 – 30, 2012

  1. quinn ext. 5484

    hi everyone, busy nite here on line… i will be back thursday and answer all the comments.
    happy new year everyone. and thank you so much for your blog comments.

  2. mai

    Hi. I’m always reading your archives. I never once thought about writing a comment but here goes and hopefully you will respond.6/10/87 @12:40pm . That’s me. How will my marriage look like for 2013. We are talking about separating.. he’s 2/27/86 near midnight. I’m sad. Stressed bc this is my love, my life, and I just don’t know what may happen for us or is in store for us. Please help me. Thanks Quinn..

  3. arise

    – has my vote for most impressive name ever

    Randy: It was lucky that you found these comments, and you’ve used them well as a safe place to express your pain, doubt, and fear. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve been clearing the way for love. Life may yet surprise you!

  4. shymarie81

    Im with the man ive always wanted and dreamed about literally… he says he loves me how real is this??? Ive tried to pinch myself but it hurts… Oh, and i need help developing im chaotic right now….

  5. Esther

    This new year I plan to move to a different state and was wandering if, I will find a good career job and find my true love, get married and have happy with life? This year has been horrible for me with jobs. I am a recent college graduate and haven’t worked for over a year not by choice. Will my life be any different?

  6. -quinn ext. 5484

    navgeet kaur December 28, 2012 at 3:51 am
    is it possible if i will get marry in 2013?will i get any new opportunity in my career

    we are going to be in a very good year for marriage – career opportunities come and go so when you see a good deal go for it.
    happy new year.

  7. bella

    I KNOW YALL don’t usually DO 1 OR this , BUT IF SOMEONE could please DO a MONTHLY forecast 4 the month of JANUARY 2013 , IT WOULD BE very nice as well MUCH APPRECIATED 2 !! thank U :)(: !!

  8. bella

    I do WISH U A very “” HAPPY NEW YEAR “” & its my b-day 2 ( : I will BE talking 2 U very soon , boy ole boy DO I NEED a reading 2 !! AND MAY I ADD , WHAT IS JC problem ?? or IS IT just because HE’S a man LOL !! I wish A safe & A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2 ALL !!

  9. quinn ext. 5484

    HI –
    Shondaa December 28, 2012 at 8:24 am
    Hello, will I find a good job this year, move out int to my own home this year, and is John R Hunter in soul mate, and will he commit to me this year?

    in this day and age any job is a good job… but if you are looking to move forward in your career this year will prove to be one that allows such movement.
    a high paying job, a nice home, a good man – my deepest prayers and wishes for your in the new year.
    happy new year,

  10. quinn ext. 5484

    thank you tracy,
    happiness is in your core, sometimes it is good to think about all the things you did before children,marriage, men – finding yourself is not as hard as it might seem, and you have a great attitude.

    happy and healthy new year,

  11. Tracy

    Thanks for another great article and good advice. I am going to say good bye to all the negativity in my life. I’ve been surrounded by it all of my life. I am going to try to stay positive and have a happy life. I think it is about time for some happiness after all I’ve been through over the years. I am 45 years young and all of my children are grown. I can do whatever I want, I just have to figure out what I want to do. I want to enjoy my life and be the best person that I can be. Maybe I’ll start enjoying some of the hobbies that I like or maybe I”ll travel, but as long as it is fun that’s all that matters. This girl is ready to have some fun before I’m too old to get around. Thanks again for all the great articles. I look forward to reading your horoscopes and all the articles every day.

  12. Shondaa

    Hello, will I find a good job this year, move out int to my own home this year, and is John R Hunter in soul mate, and will he commit to me this year?

  13. Randy

    Man everywhere I’ve turned in the last 2yyrs. has told me about this new and exciting girl one for which I’m suposed to meat online. Gold psychics was so close to my everyday life I droped them like a wore out hat.I’m through with matters of the heart. The issues I have is so beyond repair. I thought I might like a friend I’m trust worthy as a house cat but not nearly as messy. That want even work.


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