Your Numerology Forecast: Finding Delight In Every Moment

The gift of spontaneity bestowed by this Universal 3 Month will make the pressures of the week easier, because 3 knows how to find delight in every moment. And don’t forget to take full advantage during September of one of 3’s other talents: manifestation! As many Law of Attraction teachers remind us, you get what you’re expecting, and 3 has inside knowledge of how to imagine and then expect the best, and only the best, and get it!

Some astrological shifts this week, featuring beauty-loving Venus’s move into intense Scorpio and bountiful Jupiter’s return to imaginative Pisces, will help you make the most of 3’s most outstanding ability, that of creative imagination. 3 can improvise brilliantly at the drop of the hat, catch the beat and pass it on with a mind-blowing new twist, and surf life’s tumultuous moments with a smile.

However, 3 will want ignore the potential havoc triggered by both Mercury (mind, communications) and Pluto (transmutation) standing still in the zodiac before moving forward. But so what if 3 doesn’t want to deal with the tough stuff or get its hands dirty? 3s fill our lives with love, beauty, originality and inspiration, so let’s all shower the 3s in our lives–including our own–with the appreciation they need, and reap the rewards!

Monday: All the Universal 9 Days this month are super opportunities for any kind of creative achievement, whether it’s in business, the arts or at home.

Tuesday: This Universal 1 Day focuses and grounds the creative glitter of 3, making a dynamo combination which can launch major marketing efforts or events with ease and grace.

Wednesday & Thursday: Together, these two days are a feast of inspiration, both astrologically and numerologically. Wednesday, a Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2) day channels the magic of the Universe, and Universal 3 Thursday will be absolutely brimming with possibilities! A New Moon in mid-Virgo, Mars (action, will) in cooperative relationship with Neptune (imagination, spirituality), Venus shifting to Scorpio and Jupiter returning to Pisces will saturate us with feeling and inspiration, and with the urge to do something beautiful and useful with it all.

Friday: You may feel a bit of tension today as Mercury (mind) and Pluto (transformation) build energy before busting out from retrograde periods on Sunday and Monday. Add the influence of Karma Number 13/4 (1+3=4), and you may find yourself making unexpected but beneficial life changes.

Saturday: Universal 5 Days are always a good time for action and adventure. But you may be a little accident prone, so take that extra second to double check your proverbial bungee cord before leaping into the unknown.

Sunday: Well, thank goodness, the Mercury retrograde is over for another 3 months by the end of today! A lovely, cooperative connection between sweet Venus and extra-powerful Pluto, combined with the friendly, bustling influence of this Universal 6 Day, means you can deal graciously with touchy family and community issues.

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