Your Numerology Forecast: Challenges and Possibilities

Although you’re likely to still be vibrating from last week’s intense and transformational astrology, it’s now time to become better acquainted with the challenges and possibilities inherent in the Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2) Universal Month which began yesterday.

Master Number 11/2’s greatest strengths are visionary ideas, heightened sensitivity and the creation of fertile ground for true transformation and reform. Its greatest weaknesses are a lack of practicality and drive and an inability to actualize its grand visions out in the world. The Obama administration is an excellent example of the benefits and pitfalls of 11/2. Not only did it begin in an 11/2 year, but both President Obama and Vice President Biden have 11/2 as their Destiny or Life Path Number.

Any Master Number greatly intensifies events and experiences, and in the case of 11/2 also adds to individual sensitivity and the potential for extreme stress and imbalance. This month can be especially good for people with Life Path Numbers 4, 6, 8, 11 or 22, but even they must put more effort than usual into remaining calm, centered, and focused, or the very powerful and spiritual 11/2 Master Number vibration will accomplish little.

Monday: Practical, down-to-Earth 4 rules the day. 4 is not only very comfortable with the refined and sensitive energies of this 11/2 Month, it is one of the numbers most able to take the vision of 11/2 and make it a reality.

Tuesday: Both numerology and astrology combine to make this a high-tension day. Freedom-loving 5 combines with challenging connections between Mars (aggression and will), Jupiter (expansion and overreaction) and Pluto (profound transformation). This is likely to turbo-charge any exchange, so be careful to aim your aggression at beneficial goals instead of innocent bystanders.

Wednesday: After yesterday, you’ll undoubtedly welcome the cozy sanctuary of this Universal 6 Day. Tensions ease, a sense of community and common goals is restored, and shared experiences help reveal the possibilities triggered by recent events.

Thursday: The introspective intensity of this Universal 7 Day can work to your benefit if you arm yourself with stress-busters and use them frequently. The focused intelligence of 7, when operating during this 11/2 visionary month, can activate real genius.

Friday: This Universal 8 Day is about more than big business and financial success. In the context of an 11/2 Universal Month, it’s easier to be aware of the sacred aspect of 8, which teaches about the Law of Cause and Effect, the lesson that you reap what you sow.

Saturday & Sunday: The planet Venus, which rules not only love and beauty, but also value systems, self esteem, and artistic vision, is re-activating recent disruptive astrological energies through Monday. Be prepared to see challenges which have arisen in recent weeks through new eyes. On Saturday, this experience is supported by the humanitarian and socially conscious energy of a Universal 9 Day, while Sunday will inspire new ideas and projects by combining the active, dynamic drive of a Universal 1 Day with August’s visionary ideals.


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