Your Numerology Forecast: Pioneering, Self-Motivated, Independent and Original

On Thursday we enter the only Universal 1 Month of the year. Pioneering, self-motivated, independent, and original, 1 is a perfect partner for this ongoing first encounter between Uranus and Jupiter in Aries, the sign that demands that we manifest our true selves rather than our egos.

Uranus, the planet of channeling, miracles, and shocking developments, combined with the 1 Month and the expansive, magnifying energy of Jupiter, propels us out of our comfort zones into new, daring arenas full of urgent causes and extraordinary breakthroughs. The combination can produce miracles or train wrecks. Or both. The key is to avoid impatience, which is born of fear.

If you want to get the most out of all this get-up-and-go, make your big moves by July 5th, before Uranus begins to move backward. The retrograde redirects Uranus’ urgent energy inward, now aiming its mandate to demolish obstacles into your psyche, and the drive to invent and create change in the outer world begins to lose momentum until early next year.

However, with the dynamic energies of 1 dominating all of July, and Jupiter’s forward movement lasting until July 23, there’s still plenty of drive available. Make notes of your inspirations and put them in a safe place in August, to be resurrected early next year.

Monday – Although we’re still in a Universal 9 Month, and completion is the most urgent task, we can appreciate the breath of fresh air and renewed energy that this Universal 1 Day provides.

Tuesday – Sensitive, visionary 11/2 [1+1=2] rules the day, inviting you to invest all that is highest and best in you into your relationships and negotiations. Dreams can come true.

Wednesday – Immerse yourself in the glamour and charm of this 3 Universal Day, and you can remove resistance and obstacles so graciously that people won’t even notice what you’ve done.

Thursday – Our high-energy Universal 1 Month emerges gently today, the self absorbed energy of 1 softened and inspired by the second 11/2 Day of the week. Combine the apparently opposing drives to create visions of a new future.

Friday – Once more you can use the charm, communications skills and extraordinary creativity of this second Universal 3 Day this week. But this time, turn on the magic to sell your best and hottest ideas.

Saturday – It’s time to get practical about all the terrific ideas which are blasting around in your head and in your environment. This Universal 4 Day confers the ability to build solid structures as vehicles for schemes that might otherwise seem too far out to go anywhere.

Sunday – As people in the US celebrate Independence Day, people across the globe will also get a double boost of independence and drive from this supercharged combination of a 5 Universal Day in a 1 Universal Month.

The numerology in these weekly forecasts is Universal and describes trends and energies which affect everyone. To learn how to calculate your Personal Day, Month and Year, read “What’s Your Power Number?”

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