Your Numerology Forecast: Cleaning Up and Completing Projects

Since this is the last full week of this year’s 9 Universal Month, it’s time to get cracking on cleaning up and completing any personal and professional projects or issues that you’ve been putting off.

You’ll also want, in the next 10 days, to set aside time to meditate and/or take action on other important nine tasks: tolerance, forgiveness, closure, social justice, and global and local humanitarian service. Next Thursday ushers in a high-energy 1 Universal Month, full of change and opportunity, and you won’t want to have any clutter – whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – impeding your progress.

The tremendous energy generated by Uranus and Jupiter continues to resonate this week as the Sun (self) and Mercury (mind and communications) make contact. Also, intense, transformative Pluto is activated by the Full Moon eclipse on Saturday. While eclipses are usually seen as ominous, this Saros Eclipse Cycle fits right in with our 9 Month by promising successful outcomes to long-term worries, especially for those born early in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

Monday – Revel in socializing and creativity on this radiant 3 Day, the Summer Solstice, and feel the shift and increased energy as the Sun moves into caring Cancer in the morning and then has a testy encounter with Uranus the awakener.

Tuesday – You can put transformational astrological energies to excellent use during today’s and tomorrow’s Karma Number Days. Today is Karma Number 13/4 (1+3=4), which is about transformation of structures and beliefs, rebuilding your life through self awareness (1) and creativity (3).

Wednesday – Karma Number 14/5 (1+4=5) rules the day, emphasizing the need to go through the stress of change in order to evolve. Similar to the influence of Uranus which is so active right now, 14/5 often takes things away to make room for the new.

Thursday – Cozy up in your sanctuary during this 6 Day, and let feelings of safety and domesticity cocoon you for some needed R & R.

Friday – Intense, introspective 7 rules the day, working with an opposition of Sun (self) and Pluto (transformation) to open the gates of your psyche for rigorous examination.

Saturday – The Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn (see introduction) brings light to the Underworld Journey signified by Pluto. The dynamic, ambitious energy of the 8 Day will help you delve into your life’s mysteries to understand how cause and effect led you to where you are now.

Sunday – This 9 Day in a 9 Month is the perfect opportunity to finalize the completion and closure discussed in the introduction. Mercury (mind, communications) mirroring Pluto (deep transformation) will help you see what’s important and how to address it.

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