Your Numerology Forecast: Intense Frustration

The aggressive, achievement-oriented, focused drive that’s typical of the number 8, and which rules this Universal 8 Month, is probably building up some pretty intense frustration. This is especially true in light of the erratic attention typical of a Universal 3 Year combined with the chaos accompanying Mercury’s retrograde since mid-April.

8 is often referred to as the “paymaster” because it rewards you in direct proportion to the amount of effort and clear-headed focus you invest under its influence, whether it’s for a day, a month or a year. On the other hand, this Universal 3 Year is all about dashing out for a quick latte and gossip and, no matter how productive 3 is upon its return, 8 will be annoyed at having its schedule derailed by 3’s social agenda. An 8 Month in a 3 Year can be very successful, however, if 8 recognizes just how much those social freedoms contribute to 3’s effectiveness, and 3 gets on board in time to take advantage of the very real progress which 8’s ambition will create.

Mercury returns to forward motion Tuesday, but don’t relax quite yet. There’s usually a bit more chaos as things readjust; wait to double check decisions and paperwork created since mid-April until early next week.

Monday – In a perfect setup for the Mercury transition tomorrow, this 9 Day will encourage completing tasks and tidying up annoying details. Keep a list to double check next week, though.

Tuesday – Mercury returns to forward motion later today, but it won’t clarify things yet, even though the enthusiastic startup drive of this Universal 1 Day is revved up and ready to go. Unfortunately, everything’s stalled by a Void of Course Moon, which lasts from approximately 9 am to almost midnight PDT. This influence tends to ruin even the most diligently planned efforts, landing them (permanently!) into a proverbial black hole. Make notes and act on ideas on the next 1 Day instead.

Wednesday – This deeply spiritual 11/2 Master Number day (1+1=2) synchronizes beautifully with the quiet, introspective energy of today’s Dark Moon.

Thursday – The New Moon in Taurus can’t find a better welcome than this luxury-loving, sensual 3 Day.

Friday – Transformation is the keynote of this Karma Number 13/4 Day (1+3=4). Combining the drive for new beginnings of 1 with the creative communication skills of 3 to develop new forms, systems and processes gets the job done.

Saturday – This 5 Day teams up with the Moon in Gemini to create lots of exciting possibilities.

Sunday – Ahhhhh. The friendly, cozy and sociable 6 energies make this a day to enjoy puttering in the garden or baking scrumptious goodies.

The numerology in these weekly forecasts is Universal rather than Personal. It describes trends and energies which affect everyone. Learn how to calculate your Personal year, month and day with this guide.

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