Your Numerology Forecast: A Dramatic Change of Pace

This week ushers in a Universal 6 month, for a dramatic change of pace from the free-wheeling and self-absorbed combination of February’s 5 Month with our 3 Universal Year. Social concerns are the focus during a 6 Month, highlighting balanced relationships, education, and health, as well as domestic and community concerns.

Like 5, 6 is very compatible with the energies of our 3 Year, so 6’s problem-solving skills could accomplish a lot. Stalled national concerns, such as health care reform, could make real progress this month. The best days during a 6 Month are 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 11, and 22. However, 6 Days which occur in a 6 Month can be too much of a good thing, because 6 doubled can relax too enthusiastically into cozy domesticity, potentially turning problem-solvers into couch potatoes.

Week of March 1 – 7, 2010

Monday- Brainy, reclusive 7 ushers in the month, while intellectual Mercury moves into dreamy, creative Pisces. 7’s incisive focus could help Mercury penetrate hidden agendas and the subconscious. With the Moon Void of Course most of the day, inner work will be more successful than outer achievements.

Tuesday – If you need an extra boost for your executive abilities and strategic planning, this 8 Day should do the trick.

Wednesday – The combination of this humanitarian 9 Day and an electric and surprising encounter between Venus (love and values) and Uranus (freedom and invention) creates fertile ground for breakthrough ideas to further this 6 Month’s areas of concern: education, health, home, and community.

Thursday – Change is afoot on this 10/1 (1+0=1) Day, combining the day’s ‘wheel of fortune’ energy with the expansive effect of the Moon’s lucky contact with Sun and Jupiter, and a deeply insightful connection between Mercury (mind) and Pluto (transformation and regeneration).

Friday – Mercury’s move into Pisces and contact with Pluto add a great deal of power to this visionary 11/2 (1+1=2) Day. Drag out your dreams from 2009 (an 11/2 Year), and think about how to make them actually happen.

Saturday – Bonding with friends, family, and community is the perfect activity for a 3 Day during this 6 Month. 3 loves weekends because they mean plenty of time for concerts, parties, and other amusements.

Sunday – There’s extra intensity in this Karmic 13/4 (1+3=4) Day. Use the transformational energies to prepare for Mars’ change of direction next Wednesday. Remember what was going on in your life between mid-October and most of December last year, and get ready to move forward on any promises you made to yourself, or projects you were forced to shelve back then.

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