Your Numerology Forecast: Set Aside Holiday Frivolities

Well, it’s back to work with a vengeance, with January’s 4 Universal Month demanding that we set aside holiday frivolities and get organized. 4 will also help us catch and correct anything that went astray while we partied in December. The charming, sociable energies of 2010, a 3 Universal Year, may feel a bit stifled in January, but if you use the 4 energies to map out plans for the rest of the year you’ll be glad later. Overall, 3 much prefers spontaneity, but will never object to having its luxuries supported by a well thought out plan.

Week of January 4 – 10, 2009

Monday – Tap into the supercharged, executive-level dynamics of this 8 Day and by 5pm you should be back in the groove.

Tuesday – Any loose ends from 2009? This 9 Day is an excellent time to tie them off.

Wednesday – If you’re ready, this 10/1 day is a good time to start working on new projects, concepts and plans. Since Mercury is retrograde until the 15th, you’ll want to wait until the week of the 18th to finalize, but you can use the retrograde to look at past experiences that are relevant, and learn from them.

Thursday – This 11/2 (1+1=2) Day will work best if you expand your consciousness a bit and let currents of Universal energy add dimension to your day to day thoughts and insights.

Friday – TGIF! A 3 Day in a 3 Year means that you can leave the 4 Month drive and determination at the office and go indulge yourself for the evening.

Saturday – After relaxing with yesterday’s double 3 energies, you might want to use this 4 Day in a 4 Month to see if your surroundings and personal patterns provide the structure you need for comfort, productivity and success. You’ll be able to spot flaws and fix them easily today.

Sunday – Break time! On this 5 Day, you need to set aside routines and have some fun. Outdoor adventures, trips to the city to browse your favorite corners, or brunch in an out-of-the-way bistro will set you up for the week to come.

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