Your Mercury Forecast for October 2012

Get a Boost to Your Intuition

Mercury moves from balanced Libra to soulful Scorpio on the 5th, opening the internal channels of communication within the self. Translation? Intuition is at a yearly high, if you know how to tap into it. How will the winged one’s transit affect you specifically?

Read on to find out!


The gloom and doom dissipates after the 5th when Mercury exits your opposite sign. It may take a moment to regroup, but you will. And you’ll be wiser for it.


Mercury encourages you to dig deep and focus, bull. The lessons you learn by delving inward will propel you in a positive and accomplished direction.


Dot your i’s and cross your t’s before the 5th of the month when Mercury moves into Scorpio. By seizing the last of the Libran communication energy, you’ll set yourself up for success.


When Mercury and Saturn join forces on the 5th, important issues are brought to the fore. Your whole chart points toward your readiness for change. The timing is up to you, but now would be auspicious. Not sure if you’re ready for this change? Get more insight from astrologer Psychic Shauna ext. 9010.


Jupiter offsets a Mercury Square mid-month lessening what could be a period of negative thinking. Don’t let it impact your relationships. If you can’t say anything nice… ask yourself what you could be doing differently.


Mercury and Venus work together for the bulk of the month, bringing romance to the fore and imbuing you with luck in the love department. Opportunities to meet and connect are plentiful, especially around the 16th.


The month opens with you still in quick thinking mode courtesy of the winged one in your sign. Harness that energy to organize your life in whatever ways it needs organizing. Then, enjoy your moment to shine!


Your brain is firing on all cylinders once Mercury enters your sign on the 5th. You’ll find yourself at the center of activity, making long-term plans with sharp acumen, and the energy to set them in motion.


A Mercury sextile on the 6th sets your month off right. You’ll find yourself feeling positive about just about everything. And a good thing, too, as Uranus is throwing you plenty of curve balls mid-month!


You are able to connect with people on a different and deeper level than usual courtesy of the winged one’s transit through Scorpio. Combined with your general affability thanks to Venus, this could be a very productive month!


This month may feel like hard work thanks to Mercury. But worry not. If you’re diplomatic and pay attention to what others are saying, you’ll get through it with flying colors.


This month’s Mercury transits enable you to express your emotions to those who matter most clearly and diplomatically. And just in time, too. You needed to get that off your chest!

6 thoughts on “Your Mercury Forecast for October 2012

  1. -quinn ext.5484

    perfection for capricorn. it is happening in the most special way. i have heard from people that have made me smile. im actually going to visit with my best friend of 43 years who i have not seen in since the ’80’s –
    excellent forecast…

  2. LJ

    Great article and so on point – I’m a Cancer and life is changing for me this month in every way possible – exciting and a bit scary, but most exciting. Awesome. Thanks again.


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