Your Mardi Gras Forecast

Find the Fun in Your Life This Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras (aka Fat Tuesday) is a day of raucous celebration preceding the Lenten season. With roots in the pagan festivals honoring spring and fertility, carnival (yet another name for the festivities) takes place on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday each year—which means rotating dates. What’s it about? Wild, unabashed fun. Can’t remember the last time you had fun or even laughed? It’s time for a life path reading with Psychic Venus ext. 9463 to see when life lightens up for you.

This year, Mardis Gras lands on February 12. What does it mean for you? Read on to find out how to amp up your fun factor with the help of the stars.


It’s a perfect day to free yourself from inhibition—if you have any, that is! Your lesson all month is embracing external energies, so why not go for broke?!


Eat up, Taurus! If there’s an overindulgence to be made, it’s of the culinary variety. Cook an extravagant meal and invite your favorite fellow revelers!


Do something daring, Gemini. Whether in the bedroom or the boardroom, the point is to reach outside your comfort zone! Afraid to step outside of your comfort zone? What if a psychic reading could reveal why? Talk with Psychic Yemaya ext. 5143 to find out more.


It’s a good day to lighten the workload personally and professionally. Take the onus off serious issues for one day to dine, drink and dance your heart out!


Exhibitionism is a Leo trademark, and today’s the day to indulge. Step into the spotlight—just make sure you’re willing to share it!


Focus on your friends this Fat Tuesday. Plan a night out—or in—and relish in perfect, carnival-inspired details. It’ll be a night no one will forget!


Find a local Mardis Gras party (as fabulous and as French as possible) and bring a friend. Absorbing the ambiance will be a thrill in and of itself!


Surprise, surprise, Fat Tuesday is not just about fun for you, stinger. Connect with yourself in the most primal way possible, and only you know what that is!


Forget about the big picture and get present, Sag. Clear your head with a hike to some place peaceful and personal where you feed your soul… and raise a toast!


Kick off work early and meet some friends for the festivities, Capricorn. Don’t check your smartphone all night!


While you’re usually part of the party, this is a perfect day to sit back and observe it. You’ll derive pleasure from a certain kind of voyeurism.


Whatever you do, don’t wallow today, Pisces. The last few days have been rough, but today is a respite. Enjoy it with your favorite (platonic) friends.

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