Your April 2016 Chinese Horoscope: Energy and Thoughtfulness

This exciting Red Fire Monkey year continues to bring its vivid energy to your life, but April’s forecast will balance this intensity with the thoughtfulness of the Rabbit in the Burrow until the 7th. This means that you should consider putting some serious thought into all those energetic projects you’re wanting to pursue before you jump into them. After the 7th, you enter the Rain Dragon period when abundance rules the day and emotions are high. Direct that power into positive action and watch the benefits flow.

Your romantic nature is also demanding attention this month—just stay grounded and look for your special animal days for guided, powerful action. Here is your Chinese Horoscope!


Sincere, sweet communications put you in command of your personal and professional life on April 12th as you’re the Rat of the Roof, so nurture others and watch things blossom. Maternal feelings may drive passion on April 24th, working well for you as the Field Rat.

Be straightforward in your conversations on April 1st—as the Ox by the Gate, you’re laying the foundation for something new. Toward the middle of the month, on April 13th, someone special needs to heal an old wound, so recognize this in their intense emotions as you’re the Sea Ox. You are ready to make your dreams happen on April 25th as the Lake Buffalo.

April 2nd will be a day of determined action as you are the Tiger Standing Firm. Be inclusive and fair to enjoy success. Love is in the air on April 14th and you can truly enjoy your time as the Tiger in the Forest if you follow the scent of passion. Reassess your spiritual goals on April 26th as Tiger Climbs the Mountain to find true joy.

On April 3rd you have an Enlightened Rabbit Day and Rabbit in the Burrow month. Seize this powerful day with innovation, strategy and communication. Happy surprises arise for you on April 15th as Rabbit Dreaming of the Moon. Later in the month, April 27th brings a comfortable grounding and a sense of purpose as you are the Rabbit of Woods and Mountain.

Be compassionate and romantic in your approach on April 4th and you can make major changes as the Dragon in the Sky. The morning of April 16th brings a sense of harmony and joy as you are the Dragon of Pure Virtue, while intense, honest words as the Dragon of Patience on April 28th will bring you much success.

April 5th is the perfect day to listen carefully to lovers, clients and co-workers as the Snake in the Pool—you find success through your sensitivity. Passion, money and love flow through your life on April 17th as the Snake of Happiness. You’re the Hibernating Snake on April 29th finding balance through careful exercise and action.

You are itching to take action on April 6th as the Horse in the Stable so use that enthusiasm in your relationships to meet mutual needs. Your ideas are intense, powerful and effective as the Palace Horse on April 18th, then on April 30th, as the Way Horse, your actions bring stability to everyone around you.

Use the morning of April 7th to visualize and build your dreams as the Sheep in the Pasture. Your feelings and ideas are in synch to make amazing things happen. April 19th is a day for beneficial surprises in money and love as you are the Lucky Sheep.

You will be feeling earthy and positive on April 8th when you can take advantage of new ideas while enjoying the delights of your life as the Monkey Eating Fruit. Later in April, you will experience so many passionate old memories and surprising new feelings on the 20th that the best approach is to sit back and enjoy the excitement as the Elegant Monkey.

You’ve finished what you’ve needed to do on April 9th and, as the Caged Rooster, you will have time to relax and observe what’s up next. Use the daytime to socialize, share and pitch your fresh ideas on April 21st as the Barnyard Rooster.

April 10th is made for you, the Watch Dog. Confusing emotions may run high, and you’re the one who can help everyone around you make sense of the situation, ushering in both romance and beauty as a result. Your intuition is so powerful on April 22nd as the Guard Dog that you simply know what’s best for yourself and others.

April 11th provides amazing energy for you as you smartly lead lovers, family and co-workers as the Pig in the Forest, surprising everyone with your great new ideas. Enjoy the day on April 23rd with the knowledge that your words can be used to heal others as the Traveling Pig.

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  1. steve

    Am I going to find my significant other or grow old, single like a pastor. Im 42 now, and have not partied or lived the vida loca for 4 years now, living in pleasanthill, ca. And hope to see what you gifted sidekicks have to guide me eagerly.god bless!

  2. Kevin

    Would like to find out if wife who is in heaven is watching over me and listening to me when I talk to her her name is Judy and I miss her very much and love her


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