Your 2016 Full Snow Moon Horoscope

Full Snow Moon Horoscope

Love and Inclusion

Tomorrow’s Full Snow Moon is also known as the “Shoulder to Shoulder Around the Fire” Moon to Native Americans. This particular event is extremely important, as it’s your last opportunity to establish your breakthrough moment and then put your plans into motion on March 8’s total solar eclipse. You’re essentially setting the stage for the next 2 – 3 years.

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As you speak with your heart to this moon, you’re reaching across worldwide cultures. You’ll soar in your relationships with lovers/friends/family/career if everyone is welcome “around your fire.” Tomorrow’s Sabian Symbol speaks of racial/cultural harmony while the Hindu Magha (moon) Nakshatra embraces respect for all ancestors. These are powerful times, and the purpose of this period is clear—love and inclusion bring joy to everyone, and each Sun Sign has its role.


While you aren’t sensing all the powerful forces happening with this moon, you’re very clear that you’re needed to effect positive change. You have the wisdom and energy to put others’ dreams into form. Lovers are passionate, but confused. Reassure them with your confidence and loyalty and watch the happiness flow.


Your lover is very driven, but with no clear sense of where they’re going. While all that energy has been very sexy, be certain to use your “feet-on-the-ground” nature to help direct those desires into workable themes for both your lives.


You’re poised to be the inspiration to others as long as you communicate in a loving manner. You might feel a bit distant under this moon. It’s like you’re the guru who connects other lovers, families and friends. But then you see the loving benefits and passion returned to you.


If you’re feeling inspired or if you want to pursue education for a dream career, you’re on the right track. In fact, you can’t be stopped if you address the wonders of life, love, sex and death/resurrection, whether you’re addressing your personal life or your career.


This is a good moon for putting money in the bank. Stay grounded and insist on benefiting from your hard work. Your partner will be charming, fascinating and frustrating during this full moon. Enjoy the sex and romance and relax as they settle down.


This full moon in Virgo can offer you the opportunity to use your emotions creatively. Your partner shares your ideals and can help you express them. You understand that transformation can take place without taking a destructive path. Loving words guide the way.


You’re feeling moon excitement, particularly from your partner. Just don’t allow the overblown visions of coworkers to leave you with an impossible task. It’s time to show that your communicative/empathic skills make things work at home and with customers, and that you should be compensated accordingly.


You have the energy and the creativity to set a new stage for success under this moon. Take the time to deal with the realities of financing and connect with a social network aching for what you have to offer. Friends can help make great things happen, with all of you benefiting.


You can see the path ahead brilliantly. You perceive what’s wanted in the world, and you’re ready to deal with the reality of putting it out there. An authority figure with the means to make it all happen (a boss or a financier) can help with your plans. Love partners will first appear as friends.


You have the means and the desire to inspire others to be their best. You are a great leader—even if you aren’t obvious about your role under this moon. You serve as the teacher for lovers, friends and coworkers. Accept that influence with grace and it will be lucrative and fulfilling.


You have all the right words for this full moon. And if you manage others’ enthusiasm well, it will pay off if you’re willing to work with them to make your new success happen. The boss/the public will be demanding real action, and at the same time your lover wants serious romance.


This is an intense full moon for you with the sun in your sign. While others want you to continue to inspire them with your genuine sweetness, they will also demand that you give form to all that you stand for. You have what it takes today to surprise them. Show them how your “moon dust dreams” can take real form in the world today.

Now that you’re establishing the emotional foundation for your dreams, you’re prepared for those March eclipses and their major breakthrough opportunities.

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