Your LOVECAST™: Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice on Monday includes an emotional wake-up call from Uranus, which can inspire a fresh perspective (or sudden change of direction) concerning love. Tension escalates this weekend … First, a stressful planetary line-up on Friday can wreak havoc on social activities. Next, Saturday’s Full Moon in Capricorn connects with Pluto and Mars, which can fire up both passion and anger. Finally, a Mercury-Pluto opposition on Sunday can prompt both deep discussions and obsessive thinking. Strive to stay flexible and objective during any storms that come your way this week. Best days for socializing: Tuesday and Wednesday.

Aries: Everyone around you needs something from you this week, which can prompt a tug-of-war between freedom and commitment, both in love and at work. Exploring a new locale can bring romance toward the middle of the week. Rash actions or words cause conflicts during the Full Moon this weekend, so be considerate of the needs of others.

Taurus: Your vision of what you want in a relationship is being expanded this week, which can propel you out of your comfort zone. Paying attention to your intuition will help clarify your direction. This weekend, the Full Moon can being romance during a spiritual or educational activity, but verbalizing your desire may be difficult.

Gemini: Friendly gatherings widen your social circle this week, but you’ll need to weed out the people who are unreliable or incompatible. That goes for coworkers who want to spend time with you, too. Love is unpredictable on Friday. This weekend’s Full Moon inspires a sexy rendezvous, but an old emotional issue may need to be resolved, first.

Cancer: Romance sizzles at the start of the week, but relationships of all sorts seem to get complicated as the week progresses. Analyzing and then releasing negative feelings will help you stay centered and move forward. That’s especially true during this weekend’s Full Moon, when old relationship patterns can hinder a commitment.

Leo: Feelings are intense/prickly at the beginning of the week. Then your sense of adventure takes over mid-week, which can either inspire or rattle romance, depending on how far into the freedom abyss you’re willing to go. You’ll likely come back down to earth during the Full Moon this weekend, when love requires you to pay attention to the details.

Virgo: Any relationship rut you’ve gotten into is likely to be purged (or at least illuminated) this week. Whether it’s a person or a relationship pattern, look to release what’s not working in your love life. Your creativity is getting a wake-up call as well. This weekend’s Full Moon evokes your sense of daring in the boudoir!

Libra: The challenge this week is to express your independence while cooperating with those close to you. It’s all about finding a balance between fulfilling your needs and the needs of others. A conflict may produce an “ah-ha! moment” on Friday. This weekend’s Full Moon prompts you to analyze/release a family pattern that impedes your love life.

Scorpio: Feelings escalate at the start of the week, which can intensify passion, but also cause you to overreact. Diplomacy and objectivity will be needed during a heated discussion on Friday. Issues over power and control may be in your face during the Full Moon this weekend, so strive to hold love gently in your hands.

Sagittarius: A serene lakeside retreat (or other watery locale) can inspire romance at the beginning of the week. Others may find you unpredictable mid-week, when you’ll feel pulled in different directions. Focus is the key to success. Freedom clashes with duty on Friday. The Full Moon this weekend challenges you to be honest about your deepest desires.

Capricorn: An ordinary event may trigger the need for a change in your relationship — or at least a discussion about how to improve your connection. If you’re solo, you’ll be inspired to see love in a whole new light. This weekend’s Full Moon in your sign illuminates the inner and outer blocks that hold you back from fulfillment in love.

Aquarius: An inner pathway between your unconscious and conscious can open up this week, which will reveal any emotional issues that hinder your ability to manifest true love (and other goals). Taking some quiet time will help you perceive the insights coming to you. This weekend’s Full Moon awakens your intuition/inner voice as well.

Pisces: The need to stand up for yourself may collide with your natural sensitivity this week, but may be necessary, nonetheless. Look for a moneymaking opportunity mid-week. Your intuition will help you see through a communications quagmire on Friday. Saying good riddance to negative people in your social circle is must during this weekend’s The Full Moon.

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