Your LOVECAST™: Renewal, Passion and Enthusiasm

Except for the chaotic vibes on Monday, Wednesday’s New Moon in Aries energizes the week with a feeling of renewal, passion and enthusiasm. It’s time for a fresh start! Love is earthy and sensual mid-week. Moon in Gemini fires up flirting (and other communications) this weekend. Best days for socializing: Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Aries: The New Moon in your sign energizes your projects and makes you antsy to widen your social circle. Except for Monday, meeting new friends (and perhaps a new lover) should be unusually easy, especially during the weekend, when your self-expression energizes your charisma. It’s time to share your wit and wisdom.

Taurus: Conserving your energy at the start of the week will get you prepared for a sensual feast by mid-week, when you’re ready to rock! Pay attention to your intuition, which is being empowered by the New Moon. Feelings flow on Friday, but watch out for mixed messages. A generous, heartfelt gesture inspires romance this weekend.

Gemini: The New Moon can open doors for you through friends and group activities this week. A cozy atmosphere, complete with good food and drink, heats up passion toward the middle of the week. Your powers of attraction are irresistible this weekend, so get clear about what (or who) you want, and go for it!

Cancer: Feelings are prickly on Monday, but by Wednesday, the New Moon should have you ready to express your love (and lust!) with someone special. Look for career opportunities this week, too. Socializing brings fun and other opportunities mid-week, especially on Thursday. A spiritual discussion or talking about the past inspires romance this weekend.

Leo: The New Moon activates your sense of adventure, so seek out romantic opportunities this week by exploring new places and/or learning something new. An exotic ambiance can bring a romantic interlude, too! Getting physical (massage, dining, exercise) fires up passion mid-week. Romance can be found during a friendly gathering or community project this weekend.

Virgo: Intimacy may feel blocked on Monday, but the New Moon sets passion ablaze by Wednesday! You may also need some time alone to restore and renew your emotional energy. Flirting during a fun getaway can inspire/attract romance as well. This weekend, sharing your expertise brings admirers — and perhaps a career opportunity, too.

Libra: The New Moon empowers your relationship sector toward the middle of the week, so share a meaningful activity with your sweetie, or be open to attracting someone special. Your sense of style draws admirers, too. The future of your love life is illuminated this weekend, so pay special attention to your intuition.

Scorpio: A work project can bring a romantic prospect during the New Moon this week. Romance can be found while donating your time to a worthy cause as well. Expressing your feelings inspires love on Thursday. A misunderstanding with your sweetie is likely on Friday, but making up during a sexy romp brings satisfaction this weekend!

Sagittarius: The New Moon energizes romance toward the middle of the week, when creating a sexy, exotic ambiance stirs up passion. Romance can also be found during a health-related activity, like workout at the gym or volunteering at a hospital. The stars favor a romantic interlude this weekend, so keep your heart open!

Capricorn: Your confidence may be low at the start of the week. By Wednesday, however, you’re likely to enjoy a romantic tryst (or party for friends) at your abode. Love is sweet on Friday, if you keep your expectations in check. A little fantasy can fire up romance as well. Offering your insights and/or expertise inspires love this weekend.

Aquarius: Watch rash words on Monday. The New Moon energizes flirting toward the middle of the week, when romance can be found while traveling. It’s a good time to promote your ideas, too. A cozy date at you home can bring satisfaction on Thursday or Friday. Romance is playful on Saturday and over-the-top rambunctious on Sunday!

Pisces: The New Moon can propel you toward a daring (or foolhardy) romantic encounter this week, so be courageous, but keep your brain in gear. Your words have the power to either inspire or derail romance mid-week, depending on how sincere you are. A party or date at your home energizes you this weekend!

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