Your LOVECAST™: Romance and Artistry

Jupiter in friendly Aquarius turns direct on Monday, which accelerates socializing and brings opportunities through networking. Venus entering Libra on Wednesday (through November 6) energizes romance and artistry. What’s more, Friday’s New Moon in Libra brings a new cycle of energy to partnerships throughout the weekend – and into next week. Best days for socializing: Monday, Friday and Saturday.

Week of October 12 – 18, 2009

Libra: Love needs a practical approach at the start of the week. Look for moneymaking opportunities, too. A power struggle might unhinge romance on Thursday, but the New Moon in your sign makes you a magnet for intimate fun from Friday through Sunday! It can also forge a new path during the next two weeks, if you’re clear about what you want.

Scorpio: Feelings are confusing at the beginning of the week, so seek out a friend who can provide insight. Look for romance during a group gathering on Wednesday. Socializing is chaotic on Thursday, but a quiet date in a secluded location heightens passion from Friday through Sunday! Your intuition is strong now, so heed your inner voice about love – and in other areas, as well.

Sagittarius: Mixed messages can derail romance at the beginning of the week, so seek clarity with the one you love. Just remember that your career goals will be on your mind, too. Freedom or change clashes with commitments, and might upset love on Thursday. The New Moon can inspire romance through group endeavors, from Friday through Sunday. Friends bring joy, and maybe a romantic interlude, as well.

Capricorn: Intimacy is sweet on Monday, if you look at love realistically. Romance soars on Wednesday, when love can be found during a class or on a trip. A clash of ideals or traditions might upset love on Thursday, but an elegant, sophisticated ambiance revs up romance during the New Moon, from Friday through Sunday! A new cycle begins in your career, as well.

Aquarius: A quiet date is either divine or confusing at the beginning of the week, when intimacy sets a serious tone. Spiritual activities attract romance from Wednesday through November 6, but rebelliousness can lead to a misstep this Thursday. An exotic locale or intriguing activity keeps passion sizzling during the New Moon, from Friday through Sunday! Your sense of adventurous is energized during this time as well.

Pisces: Your imagination kicks romance into overdrive at the beginning of the week, but it’s how you deal with commitment and responsibility that determines your success in love right now. Romance is divine on Wednesday, and wicked on Thursday. It’s all about sharing during the New Moon, from Friday through Sunday, so express your feelings and appreciation if you want to inspire love.

Aries: Love and responsibility compete for your attention at the start of the week, though romance may be found during a work project on Wednesday. You’re easily irritated by your partner, boss or co-worker on Thursday. This weekend, the partnership-oriented New Moon inspires an intimate date with your sweetie, or helps you attract a committed relationship.

Taurus: An enticing home environment inspires love at the beginning of the week, but your relationship could need a reality check. Romance soars on Wednesday, when your creativity will blossom as well. Romance is prickly on Thursday, but the weekend’s New Moon heightens your mystique, and can bring love through an artsy project or a healthy activity.

Gemini: Expressing your ideals can heighten romance as the week begins, and a cozy meeting at your home may make passion sizzle on Wednesday. You could get caught in a personal crossfire on Thursday, so strive to remain centered. The New Moon stirs up romance, and empowers your creativity from Friday through Sunday! Interactions with children may bring joy, too.

Cancer: Expressing your appreciation inspires love at the beginning of the week, when talk turns serious. Sharing your ideas heightens romance on Wednesday, but you’ll need to choose your words carefully on Thursday. Beautifying your home for a cozy date – or a party for friends – energizes you during the New Moon from Friday through Sunday. Family activities can bring fulfillment, as well.

Leo: Jupiter turning direct helps your relationship to move forward, or it might present you with someone new – and fabulous – within the next few months. In the meantime, your mystique is irresistible toward the beginning of the week. Practicality takes precedence toward the middle of the week, and the New Moon strengthens your way with words, and makes flirting fun from Friday through Sunday. Look for romance while you’re traveling, too.

Virgo: A serene date inspires love at the beginning of the week – if a fear of opening your heart doesn’t get in the way. Feelings are more free-flowing on Wednesday, but a misunderstanding might disrupt romance on Thursday. The weekend’s New Moon focuses on values in your relationships, and might bring a moneymaking opportunity next week.

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