Your LOVECAST™: Romance Resembles a Roller Coaster

Romance can resemble a roller-coaster ride at the start of the week, so strive to stay balanced. A titillating Venus-Uranus conjunction midweek can prompt some spontaneous (or foolish) connections. Adventure makes passion sizzle this weekend, especially when Venus transits into ardent Aries on Sunday. Best days for socializing: Thursday, Friday night, and Sunday.

Week of March 1 – 7, 2010

Pisces: Your partner may throw you a curveball on Monday. Changing things up, both in and out of the bedroom, accelerates passion on Tuesday and, especially, Wednesday. A window to the future opens to you on Thursday, if you listen to your intuition. A misunderstanding is likely on Saturday, but expressing your feelings prompts a romantic interlude on Sunday.

Work stress escalates on Monday. Towards the middle of the week, pay special attention to your intuition, as it offers an unexpected insight about your love life. Romance may hold a nice surprise as well. Venus transiting into your sign this weekend makes you a magnet for love during the next few weeks.

Taurus: Love is unpredictable at the beginning of the week. Showing off your uniqueness draws admirers midweek, so go get creative. Romance soars on Thursday. Love is lusty on Friday, if a misunderstanding doesn’t upset your plans. Some playfully provocative flirting heightens passion this weekend. Look for love during a class or spiritual gathering.

Gemini: The demands of others can throw you off track on Monday. Socializing with coworkers can bring a romantic interlude on Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s a great time to share/promote your creativity as well. You’re in the mood for a steamy romp this weekend, when romance can be found through a colleague, friend, or group activity.

Cancer: Rash words can upset love on Monday. A gathering of friends (or party for two) can bring satisfaction towards the middle of the week. Passion turns hot on Friday, if an argument doesn’t unhinge your time together. A direct show of desire accelerates passion on Saturday. Playfulness inspires romance on Sunday.

Leo: A thoughtful talk with a lover or friend can illuminate your love life at the start of the week. Flirting escalates mid-week. Watch out for a clash of wills on Wednesday night. A cozy rendezvous can ignite passion on Thursday or Friday. Love needs sensitivity on Saturday, but a lusty approach heats up desire on Sunday.

Virgo: You may feel an unusual need for freedom on Monday. Your sense of style inspires romance towards the middle of the week. Look for a moneymaking opportunity as well. Some naughty flirting sets passion ablaze on Thursday and Friday. Your needs may clash with your sweetie’s on Saturday. Love and lust mix delightfully on Sunday.

Libra: Love feels heavy on Monday. Your charm makes you irresistible towards the middle of the week, so express yourself. Doing something unexpected heightens romance as well. Revealing your deepest feelings inspires romance on Thursday and Friday. Beginning on Sunday, Venus will energize your partnership sector to help you attract someone compatible (or heighten your existing relationship) during the next few weeks.

Scorpio: Socializing is chaotic on Monday. A serene, artsy setting can inspire love on Tuesday and, especially, on Wednesday. Your powers of attraction skyrocket on Thursday. Romance soars on Friday, but mixed messages can throw love off track. Love may baffle you on Saturday. Some erotic creativity sets passion ablaze on Sunday.

Sagittarius: You may feel pulled in several directions at once on Monday. Romance can be found during a community event or other group activity on Tuesday or Wednesday. An intimate date at your home can heighten love mid-week, too. Throwing a party energizes you this weekend, especially on Sunday, when romance beckons!

Capricorn: An unusual idea can provide a breakthrough concerning love on Monday. Offering your expertise draws admirers on Tuesday and Wednesday. Look for an opportunity to expand your career, too. Socializing escalates on Thursday and Friday, when friends bring fun (and romance?). Sharing a fantasy can ignite passion this weekend, so use your imagination!

Aquarius: Others may see you as detached or unpredictable on Monday. Romance can come from afar, online or during a class on Wednesday or Thursday, when your charisma is hard to resist. Feelings are tumultuous or confusing on Friday. Sharing your insights and expertise (in the bedroom?) inspires romance this weekend! A trip can attract love as well.

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