Your LOVECAST™: Passion, Depth and Compulsiveness

November 29-December 5, 2010

Venus’s nearly six-week transit through Scorpio begins on Monday, which can bring out the passion, depth, compulsiveness, or power struggles in your relationships. During the weekend, if you prefer a quiet date over a rousing party, it may be the influence of the Dark Moon on Saturday. This is a time of introspection and releasing old stuff in preparation for the New Moon in Sagittarius on Sunday, when a new cycle begins. Best days for socializing: Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Aries: Venus in Scorpio fires up sexy trysts, but can also exacerbate emotional issues that are buried deep in your psyche. Healing and releasing negativity will add some pizzazz between the sheets by increasing the flow of your emotional/sexual energy. This weekend, the New Moon may bring romance through a spiritual or cultural activity.

Taurus: Your partnership sector gets some lovin’ from Venus in Scorpio, making it an excellent time to focus on shared activities with your sweetie or close friends. If you’re solo, you’ll likely meet someone new (and fabulous!) if your heart is open. During the weekend, the New Moon begins a cycle of intimacy and emotional healing.

Gemini: While Venus is in Scorpio, analyzing your past and present relationships can bring insights that improve your love life. Romance can be found while helping others, through a work project or healthy activity (gym flirtation, perhaps?). Starting this weekend, the New Moon can help you manifest a commitment-friendly partner or improve your current relationship.

Cancer: Passion escalates as Venus in Scorpio takes over your romance sector. Parties, concerts and other entertainment activities are where the action is. Your creativity in the boudoir is sure to heat up your love life as well. Starting this weekend, the New Moon brings opportunities through work projects or while volunteering for a cause.

Leo: Hot and complicated best describes romance during Venus in Scorpio, which can bring out both the best (loyal, passionate) and worst (willful, stubborn) in you. Throwing a party will show off your sense of style, or you may prefer a cozy tryst for two. This weekend’s New Moon brings romance by energizing your charisma and creativity!

Virgo: Venus in Scorpio fires up your inner flirt, which makes you irresistible. Romance can also be found through an online source, while networking or taking a class – or a trip might bring a romantic interlude. Hosting a gathering of friends (or dinner for two) can bring satisfaction during the New Moon this weekend!

Libra: Your lusty side takes over during Venus in Scorpio. When you come up for air, discussing your values and priorities will add depth to your relationship. Resolving money issues is also favored. On that note, keep your eyes open for a moneymaking opportunity. Sharing your humor, insights and knowledge brings admirers during this weekend’s New Moon!

Scorpio: Venus in your sign encourages you to share your heart with those you love. Admirers will flock to you like moths to a flame, if you’re open to meeting someone new. If you’re already paired, focusing on shared activities will energize your connection. Enjoying the beauty of nature inspires romance during the New Moon this weekend.

Sagittarius: Venus in Scorpio gets you in touch with hidden desires that are simmering within your psyche. Sharing your inner life, along with a fantasy or longing, can intensify intimate encounters. This weekend’s New Moon in your sign heightens your charisma and makes feelings flow more easily. It’s time to get clear about what you want in love!

Capricorn: Friends and group gatherings bring love and other opportunities during Venus in Scorpio. Volunteering your time to a cause will bring fulfillment and energize your social life. Starting this weekend, the New Moon in Scorpio illuminates your inner life and intuition. Also, a former lover or relationship issue from the past may reappear.

Aquarius: Romance can be found through a colleague or career-related activity during Venus in Scorpio. If you’re paired, working together on a project or taking some practical steps toward a shared goal will deepen your relationship. During the weekend, the New Moon can bring romance and other opportunities through a group activity or community event.

Pisces: Venus in Scorpio awakens your vision for what you want in a relationship, so listen to your inner voice. Sharing your aspirations for the future inspires romance with your sweetie or someone new. Romance can also be found during a spiritual activity, cultural event or while traveling. Offering your expertise draws admirers during this weekend’s New Moon!

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