Your LOVECAST™: Romance Gets Slower and Sweeter

Romance starts out fiery on Monday, but gets slower – and sweeter – as
the week goes on. Flirting sizzles on Thursday and Friday, but romance
may come to a screeching halt on Saturday because of a contentious
Pluto influence. For better or worse, feelings will erupt to the
surface this weekend. Best days for love: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Week of September 7 – 13, 2009

Virgo: A leisurely massage or a home-cooked meal inspires romance on Monday. Love blooms from afar or during an exotic or spiritual activity on Tuesday or Wednesday. Your brainpower, and your flirting skills, make you irresistible on Thursday and Friday. A friend may be troublesome on Saturday. Romance can be found during a group activity on Sunday.

Libra: A night out fires you up on Monday. If you’re solo, be open to attracting someone new. A midweek rendezvous can deepen intimacy, if you take your time between the sheets! Romance soars on Thursday and Friday. A clash of wills is likely on Saturday. Deep feelings arise on Sunday to inspire or upset love.

Scorpio: Your naughty side comes out to play on Monday! A twosome inspires romance on Tuesday or Wednesday, and you might even meet someone new – just be clear about what you want (or maybe whom you want). Communications are the key to success in romance on Thursday and Friday. Complications can derail love on Saturday. An exotic environment inspires passion on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Monday is an excellent time for a sexy rendezvous, so plan something hot with your sweetie – or keep your eyes open for new romantic possibilities. Romance may be especially sweet during a helpful activity toward the middle of the week. Partnership energy soars on Thursday and Friday, so be open to a cozy little interlude. Old issues might upset love on Saturday, but by the next day, intimacy will probably deepen.

Capricorn: An intimate encounter at home sets passion ablaze on Monday! Your sense of style draws admirers on Tuesday or Wednesday – and it might inspire a romantic rendezvous. Flirting at the gym or lending a helping hand can lead to romance on Thursday or Friday. Combativeness escalates on Saturday – yet Sunday will be hot!

Aquarius: A trip inspires romance on Monday, when flirting kicks into high gear. A serene or outdoorsy ambiance sets passion ablaze on Tuesday or Wednesday, if you can still your brain and access your feelings. Romance sizzles on Thursday and Friday! Work might sidetrack your love life on Saturday, but your interest will likely rekindle during a helpful activity on Sunday.

Pisces: Be courageous in revealing your feelings, if you want to inspire love on Monday. Romance is soulful on Tuesday and Wednesday, when your words can inspire (or derail) a hot interlude. Entertaining friends energizes you on Wednesday or Thursday, even if it’s just a party for two! Mixed messages can unhinge love on Saturday, but you’ll be back on track come Sunday.

Aries: Your power of attraction skyrockets on Monday! Love blooms in a natural environment – or during an outdoor activity – on Tuesday or Wednesday. Look for a moneymaking opportunity as well. Your sense of humor attracts romance on Thursday and Friday, but someone’s attitude on Saturday may take things slightly off course. A night in on Sunday will help you find your way again.

Taurus: Your sensuality makes you irresistible at the start of the week. Feelings may be confused or complicated on Wednesday. A moneymaking opportunity heads your way on Thursday or Friday, which is a good time to speak up and share your expertise. Rash words can upset love on Saturday, but naughty talk sets passion ablaze on Sunday!

Gemini: Romance can be found through a friend – or during a group gathering – on Monday. Get out of your brain and into your instincts to enjoy romance on Tuesday and Wednesday. Your wit and wisdom make you irresistible on Wednesday and Thursday. Passion is complicated on Saturday. Sharing your deepest feelings on Sunday will make love bloom.

Cancer: A spontaneous gesture inspires passion on Monday. Look for romance during activities with friends, or during a community event, on Tuesday and Wednesday. A heartfelt talk (or some lively flirting!) in an intimate environment can deepen love on Thursday and Friday. Control issues arise on Saturday, but a show of daring ignites passion on Sunday.

Leo: Romance can be found during a class on Monday. Getting physical (exercise? massage? dining?) heats up passion on Tuesday and Wednesday. Look for the hot possibilities during a group activity on Thursday and Friday. A friend may provide a romantic interlude as well. You’re feeling antsy on Saturday. A quiet, intimate encounter on Sunday may heat things up in a hurry!

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