Your LOVECAST™: Get In Touch With Your Dreams

Friday’s Full Moon in dreamy Pisces sets the stage this week for some imaginative meet-ups. It’s time to get in touch with your dreams, both in and out of the bedroom. Moon in fiery Aries heats up the weekend, but watch out for some combative influences on Saturday and Sunday morning. Best days for love: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night.

Week of August 31 – September 6, 2009

Virgo: Activities with your sweetie are energized by the Full Moon this week, so share your innermost feelings. Hidden issues can ignite some conflict, though, so strive to talk about problems as they arise. Your sense of humor inspires romance midweek. A clash of wills is likely on Saturday. Your lusty side fires up passion on Sunday night!

Libra: Look for love during a charity event or work project during this week’s Full Moon. A healthy activity can bring a romantic interlude as well. Romance skyrockets on Wednesday, when your idealistic side takes over (keep one foot on the ground!). Heed your intuition, too. Your partner is combative on Saturday, but love rekindles on Sunday night.

Scorpio: Romance kicks into high gear because of this week’s Full Moon. Getting creative between the sheets will inspire multiple rounds of sexy romps! Intimate moments toward the middle of the week can deepen love, but be clear about your intentions to avoid a misunderstanding. Your willful side may derail romance on Saturday. Conflict ignites passion on Sunday night.

Sagittarius: Romance may seem illusionary or illogical during this week’s Full Moon, so strive for clarity. A serene rendezvous at home can deepen love. A small party with friends will bring satisfaction as well. Look for romance while traveling midweek. A clash of values can unhinge love on Saturday. Your creativity fires up passion on Sunday night!

Capricorn: Your words attract or repel love during the Full Moon this week, so speak thoughtfully. Romance can be found while traveling or taking a class toward the middle of the week. Impulsive words or actions can derail romance (or another relationship) on Thursday. You’re feeling edgy on Saturday, and a homey night in can turn lusty on Sunday night!

Aquarius: Revealing what’s important to you attracts romance during this week’s Full Moon. Look for a moneymaking opportunity as well. Your charisma skyrockets toward the middle of the week. Wednesday is an especially divine time for a romantic rendezvous, but keep it real. Criticism can unhinge romance on Saturday, but expressing your heart inspires love on Sunday night!

Pisces: This week’s Full Moon in your sign heightens your mystique, but can make you overly sensitive. Socialize with friends who are supportive, and strive to tune out negativity. A serene ambience attracts romance on Wednesday. Look for love during a spiritual activity as well. Saturday is irritating, but an imaginative date makes love bloom on Sunday night!

Aries: The Full Moon can prompt some sexy role-playing with your sweetie. Seeing a film or discussing your spiritual beliefs will inspire love as well. Your intuition is especially strong this week, so pay attention to your hunches. Passion is fiery this weekend (especially on Sunday night!), but you’ll be irritated easily, too, so stay centered.

Taurus: Spending time with friends during the Full Moon can bring fun and a romantic interlude. A community event or other group gathering can bring romance as well. Look to promote your career toward the middle of the week, when networking brings opportunities. Power issues arise on Saturday, when you’re feeling antsy. A twosome turns out hot on Sunday night!

Gemini: The Full Moon brings out your soulful side. Sharing your deepest self will heighten intimacy, or help you attract someone special. Look for a career opportunity this week as well. A foreign ambience or spiritual gathering will inspire love toward the middle of the week. Friends bring adventure (and chaos?) this weekend. Look for love during a group gathering on Sunday night.

Cancer: An exotic locale or learning something new inspires romance during this week’s Full Moon. A window to the future opens as well, so heed your intuition, which guides your direction. Romance is steamy on Friday, but you’ll be feeling a bit argumentative. You may feel pushed by someone on Saturday. Being daring enflames passion on Sunday!

Leo: Surprising your sweetie with an unusual evening out will heat up passion during this week’s Full Moon. Be creative! A rendezvous can be sweet on Wednesday, if your expectations don’t get overblown. Passion is hot-but-complicated on Saturday. Sunday night is the best time this week for a sexy rendezvous, or fun with friends.

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