Your LOVECAST™: From Intense to Adventurous

A line-up of romantic influences makes Monday the best day for love this week. Romance moves from intense to adventurous midweek. Venus transiting into cozy Cancer on Friday favors entertaining at home this weekend, although an opposition from power-hungry Pluto on Saturday can bring out your inner beast – not necessarily in a good way – especially if you’re an Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

Week of July 27 – August 2, 2009

Cancer: Sharing your creativity by throwing a party can bring delight on Monday. Passion escalates toward the middle of the week! You’re feeling edgy on Friday, but Venus entering your sign makes you a magnet for romance, and heightens your creativity throughout August. Romance feels unstable on Saturday, but a soulful rendezvous can deepen love on Sunday.

Leo: Your words are especially eloquent on Monday while you’re flirting on the social front, and promoting your ideas on the work front. You get results! A trip can bring opportunities as well. You’re feeling willful on Tuesday. A sexy rendezvous brings fun into your life on Thursday. Your partner is irritated easily on Friday and Saturday. Helpfulness inspires love on Sunday.

Virgo: Share your wit and wisdom to inspire romance on Monday – a moneymaking opportunity may land in your lap as well. Wednesday is hot! However, relationship chaos can unhinge you on Tuesday and Thursday, so strive to stay centered. Mixed messages throw love off-balance on Saturday. Romance escalates delightfully on Sunday.

Libra: You’re simply irresistible on Monday, so plan a get-together with friends, or whisk your sweetie away to someplace sexy and chic! Also, love may come from afar or during a spiritual activity. Flirting heats up on Thursday, but rash words disrupt love on Friday or Saturday. A cozy time at your abode can bring satisfaction to your Sunday.

Scorpio: Your intuition empowers your sense of direction on Monday, so heed your inner voice. Also, a rendezvous in a serene or artsy locale will accelerate romance. You’re charismatic – but easily irritated – on Tuesday. Your mystique is irresistible midweek. Love feels out of control on Saturday. Heartfelt (or naughty!) words inspire passion on Sunday.

Sagittarius: Love can be found during a group activity or through a friend on Monday, so take some time from work to socialize! A community event can bring romance as well. A cozy environment inspires passion toward the middle of the week. Combativeness may derail love on Friday. You’re feeling wild and free on Saturday – but love requires a grounded approach on Sunday.

Capricorn: Networking with colleagues can bring a romantic interlude or professional opportunity on Monday. A financial door opens as well, so keep your eyes open. Passion is on fire – but still challenging – on Tuesday. Your naughty side comes out to play midweek! Restlessness can bring about a stumble on Friday and Saturday, but romance soars on Sunday.

Aquarius: Exploring a new locale or learning something new inspires romance on Monday. Love can be found while you’re traveling, too. Your willful side may derail romance on Tuesday or Wednesday. An activity with friends energizes you on Thursday, but socializing brings trouble on Friday or Saturday. A natural setting inspires romance on Sunday.

Pisces: Your imaginative side inspires a sexy interlude on Monday, so be creative to rev up romance! Having friends over for dinner can bring joy as well. Your sensuality is hard to resist toward the middle of the week. Irritations can bring an explosion on Friday or Saturday, so take some time to stay centered. Your humor energizes passion on Sunday.

Aries: Both romance and friendship bring delight on Monday, so look for love during a group gathering or plan a fun date with your sweetie. Intimacy heats up mid-week, but love can be complicated. Argumentativeness or impulsiveness can disrupt your relationship mid-week. An exotic locale sets passion ablaze on Saturday. Commitment is the focus on Sunday.

Taurus: Your sense of style draws admirers and kudos on Monday, so show off your artistry and ideas at work and while socializing afterward. Unpredictability throws you off balance on Tuesday. Flirting and other communications bring opportunities starting on Friday for three weeks. Your daring side fires up passion on Saturday. A foreign ambiance inspires romance on Sunday!

Gemini: Your charm is especially magnetic on Monday, so show off your flirting expertise! Getting creative in the boudoir inspires romance as well. Love feels irrational mid-week. A twosome tryst brings delight on Thursday. Contentiousness can turn passionate on Thursday or Friday. Feelings are chaotic on Saturday. Steadiness and depth inspire intimacy on Sunday.

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