Your LOVECAST™: A Good Time to Talk About Commitment

Love has a serious vibe at the start of the week, a good time to talk about commitment. Just watch out for a miscommunication on Tuesday. Objectivity collides with lust mid-week. During the weekend, romance is dreamy on Saturday, but fear can be a stumbling block to love on Sunday.

Week of June 8 – 14, 2009

Gemini: Romance needs a grounded approach at the beginning of the week. Also, letting go of the past and healing emotional wounds will deepen intimacy. Love may come from afar or during a trip mid-week. Also, be open to a startling insight about your future. Pay attention to your intuition on Saturday and common sense on Sunday.

Cancer: Romance can deepen into a true partnership at the start of the week, if you’re clear about your intentions. Discuss serious stuff, like commitment and division of duties, on Wednesday. Head and heart collide on Thursday and Friday. Romance blooms in an exotic locale on Saturday. Concerns about the future may arise on Sunday.

Leo: Lending a helping hand inspires love at the start of the week. Also, romance may come through a work or charity project. A twosome “love-in” brings delight on Thursday or Friday, if you don’t let work or willfulness get in the way of romance. Use your imagination (costumes? role-playing?) to heat up passion this weekend!

Virgo: Your sensuality is irresistible at the start of the week, so plan a sexy night out or seek out someone new! Wednesday is a good day to discuss your relationship. Inventive flirting and sharing your uniqueness inspire romance on Thursday and Friday. The weekend is all about partnership, if you don’t let criticism derail love on Sunday.

Libra: Entertaining at home in a natural ambiance can heat up passion at the start of the week. Discuss practical stuff with your sweetie, family or boss on Wednesday. Ideals and reality about love collide on Thursday, but your creativity heightens a romantic interlude on Friday. Compassion and caring inspire love on Saturday. Get things done on Sunday.

Scorpio: Your naughty side prompts some salacious flirting at the start of the week! A trip can inspire or attract romance as well. Mixed messages or confusion about what you want in your relationship can upset love mid-week, so seek clarity. Mystery deepens passion on Saturday. Fear about commitment may arise on Sunday.

Sagittarius: The start of the week is a good time to discuss money with your sweetie, if you can sidestep a misunderstanding on Tuesday. Your need for freedom can upset love on Thursday. Share your humor to inspire romance on Friday. A homey tryst deepens passion on Saturday. A family issue may upset your plans on Sunday.

Capricorn: You’re a magnet for romance at the start of the week, so get out there and socialize! It’s also a good time to promote your projects. Your inventive side brings kudos and perhaps a romantic interlude on Thursday or Friday. Heartfelt words inspire love on Saturday, but expressing yourself may be difficult on Sunday.

Aquarius: Sharing insights about your past can deepen love at the start of the week. Also, look for guidance through your intuition and dreams. Your powers of attraction are irresistible on Thursday and Friday! Friends can provide entertainment, too. Sharing your whimsical side makes love bloom on Saturday. A money issue can upset love on Sunday.

Pisces: Friends bring fun, insights and perhaps romance at the start of the week. Look for love during a community activity. A past relationship may be on your mind mid-week. Is there something left unfinished or unsaid that needs to be resolved or expressed? Your mystique revs up romance this weekend, if you can overcome some insecurity.

Aries: Romance can be found during a work project or through a colleague at the start of the week. It’s a good time to promote your career, too. Friends bring fun and insights mid-week. Also, look for love during a group gathering. Fantasy heightens romance on Saturday, but love comes back down to earth on Sunday.

Taurus: An insight about your love life provides direction at the start of the week, so heed your intuition. Also, look for love during a class or spiritual activity. Objectivity and discussing the future can strengthen your relationship mid-week. Focus on being best friends. Romance comes though socializing on Saturday. A friend provides a reality check on Sunday.

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