Your LOVECAST™: Emotions Deepen or Get Out of Control

Flirting and other communications are lively on Monday. Emotions deepen (or get out of control!) by mid-week. Passion sizzles on Friday, but romance has a discerning vibe over the weekend. Is it time to get serious?

Week of May 25 – 31, 2009

Taurus: Monday is a good time to discuss money and look for a moneymaking opportunity. A heartfelt expression of love inspires romance mid-week, although a balanced perspective may be difficult on Wednesday. Throwing a party shows off your style on Thursday or Friday. Your mystique and sensuality fire up lust this weekend!

Gemini: Your wit makes you irresistible on Monday, so show off your braininess! However, love needs more depth of feeling mid-week. A moneymaking opportunity may come your way, too. A trip or flirtatious message revs up romance toward the end of the week. A cozy locale and haute cuisine inspire romance this weekend.

Cancer: A secret may be revealed at the start of the week. A combination of sexy and sweet makes you hard to resist mid-week. Emotions will be over the top on Wednesday, though. A dash of drama makes passion percolate on Thursday and Friday, so be daring! Witty flirtatiousness and a trip for two inspire romance this weekend.

Leo: A group gathering can inspire a romantic interlude at the start of the week. Sensitivity and words from the heart make love bloom mid-week. Your powers of attraction soar toward the end of the week. Friday is an especially good time for a sexy encounter! A leisurely massage and subtle ambiance rev up romance this weekend.

Virgo: A brilliant idea brings kudos (and romance?) on Monday. A gathering of friends uplifts you mid-week. Look for romance during a group activity, too. A courageous demonstration of feelings fires up passion toward the end of the week, so express yourself! Your powers of attraction inspire romance this weekend, so reveal your true self.

Libra: A faraway connection may prompt a romantic interlude at the start of the week. A spiritual activity or discussion about the future can deepen love as well. Romance seems irrational mid-week. Plan a rendezvous (or look for someone special) on Thursday or Friday. Fine food, music and ambiance inspire romance this weekend.

Scorpio: Naughty flirtatiousness makes passion sizzle on Monday. An intuitive insight mid-week can illuminate the future and guide your love life, so heed your inner voice. Your willfulness heightens or derails a passionate interlude on Thursday or Friday, when feelings can get out of control. Subtle sexiness fires up passion this weekend!

Sagittarius: A twosome affair can energize you on Monday, so plan something fun with your sweetie. Getting real about your feelings deepens intimacy mid-week. Think about your ideal home life and share your thoughts. An exotic locale, cultural event or class revs up romance mid-week. A quiet, sexy ambiance inspires passion this weekend!

Capricorn: Flirting at a work gathering or during a healthy activity can bring romance at the start of the week. A rendezvous mid-week can deepen your relationship, but your partner may get irritated easily. Passion skyrockets on Thursday and Friday. You’re craving adventure this weekend, so grab a friend or lover and hit the road!

Aquarius: You’re a magnet for romance at the start of the week. Promoting your creative project can be fruitful, too. Revealing your feelings inspires love on Thursday. The end of the week is an excellent time for a true love connection – or to find someone new. During the weekend, analyzing your relationships can remove blocks to manifesting love.

Pisces: Entertaining for two energizes you at the start of the week. You’re in the flow and irresistible mid-week, when your imaginative sense of style draws admirers. The urge for a lavish night out (club? concert? fine restaurant?) overtakes you on Thursday or Friday. Love feels scattered on Saturday, but heartfelt talk can deepen love on Sunday.

Aries: Your words draw admirers on Monday, so express yourself! A cozy rendezvous at your abode makes love bloom mid-week, so create an enticing ambiance. Getting creative in the bedroom is sure to heighten passion toward the end of the week. Lending a helping hand or indulging in a spa treatment inspires romance this weekend.

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