Your LOVECAST™: Daydreaming and Work Snafus

Romance can prompt some daydreaming (and work snafus) at the start of the week. Passion takes over on Wednesday and Thursday. Then the New Moon in Gemini on Sunday accelerates flirting (and other communications) this weekend.

Week of May 18 – 24, 2009

Taurus: Socializing is difficult on Monday, but friends inspire you on Tuesday, so plan a get-together. Inner angst can motivate you to reveal your feelings mid-week. You’re especially magnetic on Wednesday, when your sweetness draws admirers. Friday is a good time to discuss commitment. Your sensuality inspires lust on Saturday! Sunday’s New Moon prompts a candid discussion.

Gemini: Snags in your plans arise on Monday. Love may feel illusive or illogical on Tuesday. Romance can be found mid-week during a community activity or friendly gathering. Or a friend might match you up with someone intriguing. This weekend’s New Moon in your sign sets you on a new personal path, so get out and socialize!

Cancer: Romance feels like hard work on Monday, but passion electrifies you on Tuesday. Travel can also inspire a lively rendezvous. You’re feeling unusually assertive mid-week, which can set passion ablaze, especially on Wednesday. You’re irritated easily on Thursday. Get cozy with your sweetie and reveal your feelings during this weekend’s New Moon!

Leo: Feelings are confusing Monday. Your artistry may draw an unusual or unreliable admirer on Tuesday. Love can come from afar or during a class mid-week, when your charisma is irresistible. Thursday is especially favorable for a sexy tryst! A friendly gathering and playful talk inspire romance during the New Moon this weekend.

Virgo: A relationship issue (commitment? responsibility?) makes love feel heavy on Monday. An unusual location or activity can rev up romance on Tuesday, but you may feel unusually antsy. Lust is sweet on Wednesday and fiery on Thursday. Discuss your long-range plans on Friday. Passion heats up on Saturday! Your humor inspires romance during Sunday’s New Moon.

Libra: Work gets in the way of romance on Monday, but a work or gym flirtation can fire you up on Tuesday! Wednesday is an excellent time for a romantic tryst or to find someone special. A battle may turn passionate on Thursday. A soulful connection can be found during a spiritual or cultural activity during this weekend’s New Moon.

Scorpio: Romance feels stilted on Monday. Your spontaneity and creativity can inspire love on Tuesday. Passion soars mid-week, but you’ll need to keep it real to avoid a misunderstanding. A discussion about commitment can be fruitful on Friday. A naughty flirtation brings out your lusty side during this weekend’s New Moon!

Sagittarius: A home project or family member can derail your plans on Monday. Using a little fantasy during a romantic encounter at home can make passion sizzle on Tuesday. Romance is especially sweet on Wednesday. You’re hot for action on Thursday! This weekend’s New Moon launches a new partnership cycle, so think in terms of two.

Capricorn: You may find it hard to express yourself on Monday, but words flow and inspire love on Tuesday. Entertaining for two at your abode fires up passion on Wednesday. Romance feels lusty but combative on Wednesday. Passion is earthy on Friday. Love needs a direct expression of feelings during this weekend’s New Moon.

Aquarius: A conflict over money can upset your relationship on Monday. Your creativity and style draw admirers on Tuesday. Words from the heart and a trip for two can inspire romance on Wednesday. Daring talk enflames passion on Wednesday. A cozy encounter turns passionate on Friday. Imaginative words and actions inspire a passionate interlude during this weekend’s New Moon!

Pisces: Your self-esteem may be low on Monday. An innovative idea or action brings recognition and admirers on Tuesday. A daring expression of feelings can spark a romantic interlude mid-week. Love is soulful and serious on Friday. Create an enticing ambiance for entertaining to fire up passion during the New Moon this weekend!

Aries: You may feel strangely dissatisfied on Monday, so strive to stay centered. Romance can escalate during an intimate t

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