Your LOVECAST™: Discuss Long-Term Aspirations

Freedom is the theme for Monday, but feelings veer toward commitment by mid-week. It’s a good time to discuss your long-term aspirations. Group activities bring fun on Saturday, while fantasy heightens romance on Sunday. Be creative!

Week of May 11 – 17, 2009

Taurus: Trying something new in the bedroom heats up lust on Monday. So be adventurous! You may get the urge to reevaluate your future on Tuesday. Heed your intuition. Romance can be found during a class or spiritual activity mid-week. Showing off your unique style inspires romance on Friday and Saturday. Love is soulfully sweet on Sunday.

Gemini: Your partner may throw you a curveball on Monday, so stay centered. Blocks to intimacy arise to be resolved on Tuesday, so do some soul-searching. Passion heats up mid-week, when your instinctual side takes over. Share your views about commitment. Discussing your spirituality inspires romance on Friday and Saturday. Love feels illusive on Sunday.

Cancer: Feelings are chaotic on Monday, so strive to be objective. Intensity can upset or deepen your relationship on Tuesday. What issues hinder your relationship? A night out fires you up mid-week! Talk is especially flowing on Thursday. Your sense of humor revs up romance on Friday and Saturday. Your charisma draws admirers on Sunday.

Leo: A spontaneous rendezvous can energize passion on Monday. Work gets out of control on Tuesday, but a work project can inspire romance on Wednesday or Thursday. Lending a helping hand may also bring a romantic interlude. A twosome encounter fires you up on Friday or Saturday. Your whimsical side inspires passion on Sunday.

Virgo: A family member or home project can derail your plans on Monday. Instincts run wild on Tuesday, which either enflames or derails romance. Or you might throw yourself into a creative project instead. Passion deepens mid-week. A charity or work event can bring romance on Friday or Saturday. An artsy ambiance energizes love on Sunday.

Libra: Your words inspire or derail romance on Monday. You’ll be inclined to rethink your plans concerning your home life on Monday. Time for a change? Creating an enticing ambiance and throwing a party can show off your style mid-week. Your powers of attraction soar on Friday and Saturday. Your spiritual side inspires love on Sunday.

Scorpio: Watch emotional spending on Monday. Your insights bring kudos on Monday, when you’re especially intuitive. You may uncover a secret, too. Flirting heats up mid-week. A trip for two can fire up passion as well. Throwing a party energizes you on Friday or Saturday. Revealing your deepest feelings inspires love on Sunday.

Sagittarius: A rash act can derail love on Monday, so think before you leap. A discussion over spending can upset your relationship on Tuesday. However, honesty about money clears the air mid-week, when love needs a practical approach. Your wit fires up flirting on Friday and Saturday. A homey tryst revs up romance on Sunday.

Capricorn: You’re antsy for a change on Monday. Extreme behavior can unhinge love on Tuesday. Purging negativity will clear the way for more love in your life. Your powers of attraction draw admirers mid-week. Expressing your appreciation inspires romance on Friday and Saturday. Your words deepen love on Sunday.

Aquarius: An unpredictable friend or group can throw you off balance on Monday. The urge to resolve the past arises on Tuesday, when some soul-searching brings insights. A homey night in for two can deepen love on mid-week. Your magnetism soars on Friday and Saturday! Show off your imagination to rev up romance on Sunday.

Pisces: An innovative idea brings kudos on Monday, but your boss may be a pain. A friend can help turn your life around on Tuesday, but choose your confidant carefully. A group event brings romance mid-week. A friend may match you up, too. Your quirky side draws admirers on Friday and Saturday. Your mystique inspires passion on Sunday!

Aries: Your wild side inspires or upsets love on Monday. A trip can energize you, but be careful while traveling. Evaluate your career goals on Tuesday. Your expertise brings recognition mid-week. You might find yourself flirting with a colleague, too. A friendly gathering brings romance on Friday or Saturday. A serene ambiance inspires love on Sunday.

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